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Byebye Standard Grades


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From The Beeb

Standard Grades should be phased out, the OECD report says, partly because the lower levels do not have much status and act as a block on the development of vocational education in schools.


The researchers are calling for the launch of a Scottish Certificate of Education - a "graduation" certificate for young people in schools, colleges or jobs to mark completion of an approved programme of studies or training.


They also challenge the value of some current courses, set up by exam body the Scottish Qualifications Authority.




Well after having an intresting discussion with my local Headteacher about how I wasn't planning on my child staying up here to do the High School Certificate. Looks like the SNP could be resirecting it. Still don't know why we can't have the Baccalaureate taught in state schools.




Why replace Standard Grades with something equally worthless? The only place I've actually found Standard Grades worth any thing is in Shetland. Scottish Standard Grades aren't worth anything outside of Scotland. The International Baccalaureate is recognised accross the world, many Public and Private Schools offer it as well or instead of A-Levels.


For Shetland Teenagers who maybe intrested there are FREE places available at the Aberdeen International School to do the Baccalaureate. Most IS offer the Baccalaureate on a bursery basis, for those of us who can't afford 14grand a year.

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Well here's the time scale for the new exam system 2012


All those reassurances from my local head about my daughter not being a guinea pig may well be right, I figure she gets to be in the second year when they're making all the adjustments.

So I still have to confuse her and get her writing in an acceptable script again (for entrance exams) so she's able to get a qualification worth the paper it's written on.

At least they've made a few more adjustments (according to the article) since I last saw the papers. But with even more levels and grading, certificates etc you're going to need a qualification to understand the qualifications.

Take it back, no, read the article again, my daughter is in the 1st class they're going try this out on. Summerhill is looking oh so good, though she's got her eyes on Headington (It's were Emma Watson chose to do her exam years).

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