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Who is all heading home for Christmas and New Year?


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Umm...I hope so!


Trouble is, I told my boss I was going home for the festive season and she put me down to work on Boxing Day :x Not impressed.


sausage it, I'm going anyway. Ferry and train have long since been booked, and I told her three times I wasn't going to be here, so no steam off my sh*te.

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Unfortunately I drew the short straw this year and I'm working both :( We'll probably be running liner or coring by then so I'll be sitting on my a**e for most of it - never mind, at least it'll be warm :)


Edit: Oops, nearly fell foul of the sweary filter there - interesting substitute :lol:

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ower mony chiefs an no enoch indians,

dae aa hae laptops an dae are aa on msn ta wan anidder while sittin in da sem room, tossers :evil:

an nane o dem can use a bloody spanner :roll:


Soonds familiar.


Onywye, back on topic :oops:


I'll no be hom dis year, I'll be sittin' on me roosty sheriffs badge in da southern Mediterranean wi a load o Egyptians - widna be so bad if I could hae a dram :(

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Would love to be home for Xmas, but will be in Brisbane instead, where the temperature is around 35 degrees. Sounds fun I know, but not exactly festive... would rather be in da lounge/flints/posers on xmas eve than sweltering away here, but nivir leet...


New Year, on the other hand, will be spent in Sydney, which is preferable to da cross methinks...

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