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Shetland roads in Winter

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Think it's fair to say the OP is slightly pissed off they crashed their motor and emotion is getting in the way of what they are trying to say.


On the mainland it's exactly the same as Shetland nobody holds a gun to the gritter drivers heads and demands they go out although the Shire council drivers do get to take the lorries home if the weather is bad enough they can't get back to the depot. March 2006 we had the really bad snow and the gritters didn't grit any roads within Aberdeen city because they had to help the Shire gritters and Bear Scotland gritters maintain the main roads around the city, you get behind the wheel and there is a foot of snow on your bonnet then be prepared to meet bad conditions, no offence but only a muppet moans about them leaving the barn door open after the horse has bolted.

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Ah move to cults. Never had any road clearing problems there. Lived in Powis (scabby houses behind st Machar Ac), two whole years before I saw a gritter/plough, despite the thousand or so school kids wandering through everyday. I raised this with Kevin (blonde SNP guy in council) the day I saw the plough going along one of the private roads in Cults. It was one of those beautiful politician head in hands moments. Moved to Bieldside a few years later and enjoyed having the pavement cleared and gritted by 7am, but not on Christmasday, but the kids wouldn't have had so much sledging down the pavement to the golf course if they had.

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