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Mystery object found on island beach...any ideas?


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What the hell is it?




"Experts are trying to identify a huge metal container that has been washed up on a beach in the Western Isles.


The tank, which is 27m high, has no markings and is thought to have fallen from a ship before being washed up on the west of Benbecula.


It was discovered by a dog walker on Poll Na Crann beach - known locally as Stinky Bay - near Griminish..."



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Full of beer? Or just full of pi55? :lol:


What do you think? It's Coors! The very fact that there's a fermentation vessel washed up on the beach is little more than a consipracy from the brewery to try and convince us the beer buying public that their beer isn't collected from the nearest Donkey Sanctuary. You see, it's not even genuine horse pi55!

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