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Unique Opportunity for Shetland

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Have you ever wondered about the stories of the Bible (Torah/Tanach) not from a Christian point of view, but from a traditional Jewish insight?

My husband and I have been entrusted to open the doors... there is a need for the Jews 'to be a light to the Gentiles' and our friend, who is an Orthodox Rabbi in Israel, is offering free classes to discover and share with a friendly, non-religious dialogue, with anyone who is keen to explore. My husband and I have been studying with him via his online school for a number of years and can attest to his open-ness to people who wish to go deeper into the Bible, but on the level of 'what does it all mean?' There is no need to have any previous learning under your belt, it will not be above anyone's level of understanding, you will not need to know anything about 'The Bible', just a willingness to explore together with like-minded people, no judgements, prejudice or expectation.

If you are interested and want to find out more, leave a comment or message me. This will be trialed on Shetland before taking this offer to the wider global community. The classes are free. It's a chance to have open dialogue with what is often deemed to be a 'closed book' with an authentic teacher.

Why not fling the windows open and take a chance?




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