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Prisoners To Be Chip-Tagged Like Animals

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Prisoners To Be Chip-Tagged Like Animals January 14, 2008

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Ever since hanging and deportation were banned as methods of dealing with society’s undesirables, the UK powers that be have been searching for a new way of dealing with the trash.


According to reports today, UK ministers think radio frequency identification (RFID) tags could be it and are drawing up plans to have prisoners surgically tagged with RFID chips under the skin. This is certainly a controversial step up from the dodgy RFID bracelets in use today.


rfid tags.jpg The idea is that this kind of tagging could help create more space in UK jails and enforce community orders like home curfew via satellite. Similar tagging is already used on cats, dogs and airport luggage but this would be the first time it would be used on prisoners in the UK.


A senior Ministry of Justice source, speaking to The Independent, said: “We have wanted to take advantage of this technology for several years, because it seems a sensible solution to the problems we are facing in this area. We have looked at it and gone back to it and worried about the practicalities and the ethics, but when you look at the challenges facing the criminal justice system, it's time has come.â€


More than 17,000 criminals are subject to electronic monitoring now via bracelets but almost 2,000 of them manage to evade monitoring by tampering with the devices.


No doubt this plan to tag criminals like dogs will spark some lively debate.-Martin Lynch



Any comments

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I personally can't see a problem with it as long as it is restricted to serious crimes.


The cost of doing this is another matter entirely. I would imagine that the amount of reoffenders of serious crime is slim.


The big problem is minor offenders being tagged. If you happened to walk out of the lounge one night still carrying your pint, then you are technically a criminal breaking the law. You could be charged and then implanted with a chip.


As far as I am concerned then it could help towards the hundreds/thousands of ex crims/illegal immigrants that the government fails to keep track of. We live in a nanny state. We have done for some time. I do not agree with a lot of policies but in this case if it helps the government remember where they left people then all I can give it is the thumbs up.

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Barry Rumsey Smith (10 May 1933 - 27 June 2002) was a preacher and author from New Zealand.

"Brother Barry", as he was known, travelled extensively preaching throughout the Pacific, Australia, New Zealand, the United Kingdom and elsewhere.

Barry wrote eight books with the theme of end times prophecy. His writings also appeared in his monthly newspaper Omega Times.

Smith was particularly concerned about One World Government and the Mark of the Beast, which he believed one of three types to be a subcutaneous chip to replace money, such as those currently being sold by VeriChip. Although many of his prophecies were wrong in their timing, many are said to have come to fruition or are arguably on the horizon, such as the development of the subcutaneous RFID implant and the rise of terrorism, real or perceived, as well as the Middle East Conflicts. He also predicted the rise of globalisation as a precursor to a one world Government. It is axiomatic that to Smith, a "one world government" would be something evil. It is questionable whether these could really be described as "prophecies" when sociologists and social policy experts would probably have made similar predictions albeit without mentioning precise time frames.

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Well, I'm no Barry Rumsey Smith, but if this goes ahead I foresee a whole new black market is back-street surgery :shock:


For serious offenders maybe, but if they are that much of a risk to the public should they be allowed out in the first place?

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