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UK Motorists On The Phone Face Jail

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As if having a gazillion speed cameras wasn’t enough, UK motorists caught jabbering away on the mobile phone – or smoking at the wheel – could be locked up for as long as two years according to new guidelines drawn up by the Crown Prosecution Service.


mobile phone driver.jpg

The new policy on bad driving has been set up to address not just what constitutes careless driving but also to outline a clear set of charges so that bereaved families have a better shot at justice against drivers that cause death on the roads.


It is likely that the charge of manslaughter will be used more often. Here’s an example of what will constitute various types of bad driving.


Dangerous driving could include:


* racing or competitive driving;

* disregarding warnings from fellow passengers;

* reading a newspaper/map;

* aggressive driving, such as sudden lane changes, cutting into a line of vehicles, or driving much too close to the vehicle in front;


Careless driving could include:


* driving inappropriately close to another vehicle;

* tuning a car radio;

* selecting and lighting a cigarette or similar where the driver was avoidably distracted by that use.


Inconsiderate driving could include:


* flashing of lights to force other drivers in front to give way;

* unnecessarily remaining in an overtaking lane;

* driving with un-dipped headlights which dazzle oncoming drivers;

* driving through a puddle causing pedestrians to be splashed;

* driving a bus in such a way as to alarm passengers.

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Driving through a puddle? It is the only reason I got my license!


Seriously though. Apart from the above. The rest of the reasons seem quite reasonable, even, dare I say it...common sense.


Hopefully these new laws will cut down on the insane amount of intolerable idiots that are on the roads today. Each day I meet people that either have no regard for the law or the other road users. As far as I am concerned they should be made to retake their driving test at the earliest opportunity.

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Inconsiderate driving could include:

* driving through a puddle causing pedestrians to be splashed;


My life is over in this country, it's time to leave. :(


The above news Item was not my Idea I found it on a web site



Driving through a puddle causing pedestrians to be splashed? I have done this but not deliberately. but the man who was splashed, went home and got his car, and followed me Back to my house and confronted me, and accused me of picking him out deliberately.

But I had not. I had been driving through the main street of Scallowy at the time and there were Six cars, in a line on one side of the road, and the rain had been pissing down about 24 hours. And the only way was through the big puddle. And as I was just in the middle of the puddle, the man came out the shopdoor, right next to me and got the lot so to speak. But before I could say any thing in my defence. My mother who had been with me, and just stepped out of her side of the car. Laid into him with words no longer than four letters at times. Words that I would have been sent to bed with a smack at the ear with.

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I can't say that I'm completely against this kind of legislation, but a lot of it does seem excessive.


Maybe it's just me, but just before I went traveling I couldn't escape the creeping sensation that that UK's getting a bit over regulated these days.


The powers that be seem to be spending more time telling us what not to do through legislation and subsequent "media campaigns",which treat us like naughty school boys, using adverts littered with punchy, no-brainer Orwellian sentences like "Drugs. They're Illegal. It's the Law." etc.


I know it's a tricky thing to deal with, but surely common sense should be the letter of the day. I'm sounding a bit Daily Mail here, and I'm loathe to use the term Nanny State, but it would be nice to be able to just go about your business without being constantly told what you can and can't do and being threatened with a fine/imprisonment for, say, smoking within 2 meters of a public building or going 5mph over the speed limit when the roads are quiet.


It's a cliche I know, but it always seems like there's some trumped up cop ready to lecture you about some trivial misdemeanor, whilst elsewhere proper criminals operate seemingly unhampered... and stuff... Jaysus, I'm starting to sound like a Tory. I'll shut up now.

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The Bairn and I where crossing the road at a pedestrian crossing at the Seaton Roundabout in Aberdeen went a very nice lady (car full of children) too busy yapping on a mobile phone drove strait through the red light narrowly missing us. Reported her and registration Police, but Grampian's Finest said there was nothing they could do (typical response to most things).

Personally I believe that folk who speak on mobiles while driving should be made example of. But I do worry as people get sent to court for eating apples. Threats for people who smoke at the wheel. How long until you're not allowed to speak to your passengers?

When they started prosecuting people who drive through puddles in Aberdeen all of a sudden being a pedestrian became a lot drier.

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