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Photo ID


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we were told that we wouldn't need a passport to travel within th EU. Well guess what it doesn't apply to brits


Unfortunately, this only applies to countries that are signed up to the Schengen Agreement


These include Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Holland, Iceland, Italy, Luxembourg, Norway, Portugal, Spain and Sweden; and also nine new members that joined on the 21 December 2007 which includes Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Poland, Hungary, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Slovenia, and Malta.


Norway and Iceland, which are not members of the EU, are part of the Schengen agreement.


Cyprus, Great Britain, Ireland, Bulgaria, Romania and Switzerland are not.

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Are you moving from island to island when on the tube?


Surely you're not suggesting that we should carry photo ID when travelling to the likes of Whalsay, Foula, Papa Stour, Out Skerries, Fair Isle, Bressay and the North Isles are you? :wink:


Gie hit time boy - gie hit time, da Sella Ness fok need photo ID tae win in tae dir wark.

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After all I think it is good that a policeman on the streets can scan my card to discover who I am and where I live should I be found collapsed. I also think it would be good that his scan could reveal that I was a diabetic...

A medical alert bracelet engraved with your doctor's and next of kin's phone numbers would do the job, and cost much less than the £65-100+ the proposed ID cards are going to cost.


Evil Inky has raised a very good point here.


This is related to a very important aspect of ID cards which I haven't yet seen raised on this forum. The Government has proposed that ID cards become compulsory for the entire population of the UK; however (doesn't this seem ridiculous ?) carrying an ID card about your person will not be compulsory ! In other words, we will only be required to own an ID card, not carry it around with us. If ID cards are inflicted upon us, I'd imagine that most people would keep the card in their top drawer at home so that it isn't lost. Which raises the question - what is the point of having them ?


To those that say "If you've nothing to hide, what have you to worry about ?" I say "If I've nothing to hide, why should I need one ?"


Some say they will help to prevent 'undesirables' entering the country. But surely, the best way to stop such people entering the country would be to stop them at the point of entry ? In other words, tightening up controls at airports and ports. This would be far cheaper than introducing ID cards and much more effective.


Some say "these cards will help the Police"; well not really, especially if carrying the cards is not compulsory. I've three close family members in the Police force and they all state that the main difficulty in solving crimes is identifying the culprit and then finding them; if someone goes into hiding, the fact that they may or may not have a card in their pocket is of little use to the Police. Finding people is the main problem; perhaps the Government will suggest that it should be possible for the cards to be tracked by GPS ?


To those that say "I don't mind having an ID card, but they should be 'free'" - Well where do they suppose the Government gets money from ? Directly or indirectly, 'We', the Public, will be paying for the ID cards.


Can anyone tell me of any Computer system which has been brought in by the Government which has worked ?


Can anyone tell me of any project that the Government has completed which hasn't been at least 100% over budget ?


As others have stated on this forum, it is difficult to identify any tangible and realistic benefits for the introduction of ID cards.

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It's probably to do with industry standards for quality/safety assurance (e.g. British Retail Consortium Accreditation) that a lot of manufacturers are having to implement now to keep their customers happy. For example, this system would monitor who was entering the factory floor, so if any suspected malicious contamination occured, they would know exactly who was where. Could be wrong though. I'd say it's verging on overkill for a fish factory, but that's the way security systems are going and the Catch obviously has plenty to spend. It isn't really unhygienic, as staff should be washing their hands on entry into each processing area, after the fingerprint scan.

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Yeah that's always the case... still, thankfully food poisoning from micro handling contamination isn't a big issue with fish of this type because it's cooked through (and usually frozen in transit which always helps keep multiplication levels down). Most of the bad stuff with fish is inherently present through environmental contamination from poorly cleaned equipment etc. Often it's more of a problem on the spoilage front than safety.

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Northlink asked to postpone bringing in photo ID


A GROUP of councillors is calling on the ferry company, NorthLink, to delay the move to require people to show photo identification before being able to board.


A special motion will be considered by the full council at its meeting next Tuesday, which has been purt forward by Councillor Steven Heddle and has been countersigned by OIC vice-convener, Councillor James Stockan.


The specific wording of the motion is: 'We the undersigned, move that the council should request that NorthLink Ferries Limited postpones its proposed implementation of a requirement for all passengers to provide photographic proof of identity before boarding, until such time as a complete assessment and evaluation of the implications can be fully considered and show that such a requirement is justified'.

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Guest willz320

I always travel on northlink with a shared cabin. Quite often sharing with a stranger, god forbid that if that person did anything to me from stealing a belonging to assaulting me. I would hope that NorthLink would have the ability to tell the authorities who that person was. From what I can tell at the moment - they don’t have to be who they say there are!


For all it costs (nothing!) wheres the problem in showing a picture of yourself to another local when you checkin for the ferry?


is hID really worth it? Yes if you ask me

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