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Do you intend to return to Shetland permanently some day?  

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  1. 1. Do you intend to return to Shetland permanently some day?

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Posting from Shetty, currently wondering what is going to blow past the window next...


:lol: :lol: :lol: I know the feeling, I just about fell aff me chair when i looked out this afternoon and saw a white out blizzard! Nobody told me that was coming. And it's April!

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Like the Avatar! Good een.


Thanks - I have a lot of time for Doc Huxtable and his garish ganzies!


I hear it's all been a bit wintery up in Shetland of late. I realise I have become a southern ponce but I must say it's been right cold in Glasgee of late too. I keep on dressing for summer and arriving in the office frozen to the bone. I know I should wear more appropriate clothing but I see it as a war of wills. It's April for gawds sake! It should be getting at least a bit warmer shouldn't it?! The wearing of summer-style clothing despite the weather is my way of shaking a fist at the weather god. Admittedly it's a puny act of defiance, and completely pointless.

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yeh, lovely here in Glasgow, looking forward to the summer, always some lovely visuals walking around the town. 8O 8)


and some not so lovely visuals as i seem to mind from my time in Glasgow - the fake tanned, cheap gold jewellery clad, peroxide blonde, face like a skelped muckle sphincter look never really did it for me. and summer only seemed to mean even more acres of flesh on show.

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