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Do you intend to return to Shetland permanently some day?  

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  1. 1. Do you intend to return to Shetland permanently some day?

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Just wiped the last traces of Glasgow off the heel of me boot. Now in Melbourne. Do I get a coconut?

Good to see you back on the air, NewMagnie, no coconuts for you though. At least, not until it is established that you retain your rapier wit and splendiferously eloquent observations and not become pickled in Ozzy grog and start rambling about convo's in the avo round the barbie with tinnies and sheilas and the mozzies etc.



And watch out for those funnel-webs and redbacks :wink:

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Cheers Njugle. As far as rambling in the curiously truncated Aussie argot goes, you might have to hold on til I get a handle on what the buggers are actually saying. This is the only country I've been to where actual letters are abbreviated. My new neighbour refers to her VW Beetle as "the vee-dub". You have to wonder about a race that can't even be arsed to say "w".


Any chance of a column in the Times relating my milk buying and tea making adventures to a gape jawed public do you reckon?

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Dunno if I'm officially an ex-pat or what. My family and a lot of my mates are in shet - I try and get back from Sunny Edinburgh as often as I can, but that's working out at about twice a year at the moment, so maybe I can't get away with saying I live in shetland anymore. I do live on shetlink for half my working day. Does that count? ;)

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Question. Is a person who wasn't born in Shetland, but who now lives (House, Wife and Kids) in Shetland, but ends up having to work outside of Shetland for weeks on end... an Incomer?... an Ex-Pat?... an non-ex-pat? (because I wasn't born there)... or just unlucky because I seem to spend more time on the plane than I do in Shetland... and when can I call Shetland home... :wink:

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Career comes first so it would be impossible to return to Shetland. Sometimes think I would like to - I love the attitude of most of the people most of the time. There's a real live-and-let-live sense of egalitarianism that runs through Shetland culture that is probably similar to other island areas where money hasn't always been plentiful. There's also no more beautiful place than Shetland on a fine, sunny, still summer day.


But just being away from Shetland does help spawn a sense of nostalgia about the place. It's too small, too difficult to get off it on a regular basis and nothing much really ever changes. 20,000 people is a Scottish city suburb - and sometimes Scotland can even feel like a bit of a village!


So in short, no - at least not until I have retired and then I would still want a house somewhere else other than Shetland too.

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