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I think you're right Poolhaddock.


Isn't there a circular groove on the ground on Linga that is supposed to have been made by the bear? It was chained to a post - if I remember the story rightly - and all it could do was circle the post. I hope whoever chained the poor bear to this post came to a sorry end - most people did in the olden days.

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Excuse my vanity in resurrecting this thread, but i stumbled upon some interesting stuff.


While looking at an old map of Shetland i noticed an area called Neuglesbreck, aside Burga Water, which introduced a spelling i hadn't come across before, which of course led me onto "Ask-ing" for more info and up cam these two links.







The latter referring to "Scalloway Islands" which is nice. :wink:


For the historians and language boffins here the first link is quite interesting.


I don't know if anyone here has a bearing on the shetlanddictionary.com, but the definitions here may be a worthy addition. Last i looked a Njuggle was simply listed as a "water faerie" which is a little sparse, given my namesake's glorious mythological descriptions :wink:

An animal having the appearance of a horse, of a dark bluish-grey colour. He is amphibious. His favourite retreat is the underhus of a watermill. He . . . is never seen far from water. By feigning tameness and fondness, he induces the weary, belated traveller who may meet him to mount on his back, when, at once, with lightning speed, he makes for the nearest water — with a noise like thunder, his eyes flaming, jets of fire issuing from his mouth and nostrils, and a luminous trail like the tail of a comet stretching out behind him — and plunges in, leaving his deluded rider . . . to his fate. He cannot bear the sight or the smell of fire.
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My friends and I went to the bunker once when I was a teenager early 90's. I remember it was easy enough to spot but I went there this week and had no idea where to look. If anybody can narrow the general area down for me then I would be very very grateful as I would like find it again.

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