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The worst road junction in Shetland


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Does anybody else have a problem at the somerfield roundaboot when heading sooth fae lerwick? Its maybe da design o my front windscreen pillar, but ders a real blindspot when a car is coming fae lochside at da same time I'm approaching da roundaboot. Der's a few times i'm nearly kept going tinking i'm all clear!

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I think my vehicle is irrelevant!


Are you suggesting it's your driving then ? :wink:



and as for effortless I'll believe it when I see it :roll: mind you have to go around the circle painted in the middle o the road clockwise :lol:


As I said before, it's effortless in a car. Larger vehicles are permitted to encroach onto the white painted circle according to the Highway Code.

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At the risk of setting off some kind of soothmoother debate (again - if u want tae, go elsewhere, its been done afore!) - in da word o da impeccable Basil Fawlty - "the english cxars have steering wheels!"


Da Shetland cars haes lights, indicators, brakes etc all o which operate splended.


As i'm said fur years - some fok says dat whan something goes wrang, its a "computer error" - but a computer is joos lik a car.


If u geen ida hill, is it a car error?

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