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What is the oddest hotel/guesthouse you have ever stayed in.


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I have stayed in a few strange places but the weirdest was a small hotel in Zierikzee called 'de Drie Koningen' It was about 6-7 years ago and I have never forgotten it. When we entered, the reception and bar area was covered with dozens of large framed photos of a small child and there were scores of toys hung up on every available thing. My first thought was that they had lost a child and this was a shrine to it, but then the kid peddled into the bar area on its trike. I then realized we were in the company of obsessed parents! The photos also lined the stairs - luckily they had not got round to putting them into the rooms!!

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I've stayed in so many weird places that I struggle to come up with an immediate response. I spent time in a tower-block hotel in downtown Pyongyang, North Korea, a benighted land ruled by an evil regime that would have made George Orwell cringe. The ever-watchful security forces there were legendary. A couple of overseas workers in Pyongyang on a contract were alone in their room one night, moaning about how dull life in the city was. 'If only we even had a pack of cards,' one of them complained to the other. The next day, their North Korean 'minder' gave them a present; yep, a pack of playing cards.


And the overseas guys had been talking to one-another in Danish.


Knowing that the rooms were likely bugged, and convinced of the possibility that the full-length mirror with the odd unoccupied space behind it was a part of the surveillance machinery, I used to bare my backside to it on a regular basis. No, it wasn't clever -- but it was fun, however momentarily.

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