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Valentine's day


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Well once again in oor hoose theres nae romance.


Did you and yours go overboard with declarations of love or are you in the same rut as me and are feeling left oot? I always felt bad when I was a teenager if I never got a card.


Is this just another money making day for card/flower/cuddlytoy sellers?


Or do you love it?


Well to all shetlinkers hope you have a happy valentines day with or without a card/flowers/chocolates etc etc etc

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Mmm maybe thats why we're all here ... :lol:



I've ordered our Valentines pressie ... mixer taps for the kitchen.


But it'll be a joint/romantic effort ...


I order it ..


He pays for it ..


He fits it ..


He uses it ...


Fair enough ..




Well it's worked for 26 years :wink:

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We give each other cards. But today was never really Valentines Day for me today it was going to see the Cardiologist (who was the most lovely doctor and kens loads about fainting). Mind you there couldn't really be a more appropriate day for going to a Cardiologist really lol.


What we're doing tonight is getting a Chinese and watching and cheering on Aberdeen. Not to everyones taste but our idea of romance :oops:

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