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Is this going to happen here?

Would this stop you carrying laptops/phones to the USA  

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  1. 1. Would this stop you carrying laptops/phones to the USA

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    • no

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I just recieved this from work, I wonder how long until the government brings us into line.


Important Update: US Travel Restrictions

During the past year, the Association of Corporate Travel Executives (ACTE) has been educating the

corporate business travel community that their laptops and other electronic devices (such as Blackberries,

iPhones, iPods, flash drives and cameras) can be seized and their information downloaded at the U.S.

border without explanation, provocation, and/or even likely cause. This affects both U.S. and non-U.S.

citizens alike.

This includes personal photographs, personal banking, any business documents, and stored or unopened

e-mail. Attempting to keep personal and/or business data private will require a major change in the

interpretation of the law regarding laptop seizures, or a major behavioral change regarding the information

travelers carry on their laptops. Please see the February 7, 2008 article in the Washington Post and other

news outlets, such as CNN, on ACTE's efforts to obtain information from the U.S. government regarding

this practice.

While the incidence of laptop seizure or the confiscation of other electronic devices remains rather small

when compared to the numbers of business travelers entering the country, the implications for individuals

who fall into this category can be rather significant. ACTE is not advising individuals to hide data from the

U.S. government or border officials, but instead recommends that travelers carry the barest minimum of

data they can afford to lose on their laptops.

Recommendations For Travelers Crossing a Border With A Laptop or Other Electronic Devices:

1. Carry a laptop or electronic device you can afford to lose.

2. Carry only limited or no proprietary business information or personnel records regarding your

employer, and/or employees.

3. Limit your personal information on any computer used for travel

· No personal banking information

· No personal photographs that you wouldn't want made public

· No personal correspondence that you wouldn't want made public

· No personal health information

· No password information of any kind

4. Email sensitive data ahead of time (before crossing a border) so it is not lost if the computer is


5. Ask for a receipt and a badge number of the individual taking your laptop or electronic device if your

equipment is seized.

6. Cooperate with Customs and Border Protection officers.

You can also go to the U.S. Customs and Border Patrol website for information regarding this issue. We

also recommend the Transportation Administration's blog, called "Evolution of Security", which, in its

February 8th posting, mentions the laptop seizure issue.


Quite a [***mod edit***] for anyone traveling to or through the good old USA


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From the ACTE website:




Further controversy has developed over whether or not an individual is required to provide authorities with passwords to open certain files. (Doing so may be regarded as waiving rights to require a warrant, as some authorities maintain.)


Eighty-one percent of survey respondents were unaware that laptops and other electronic devices that were seized could be held indefinitely. During this time, the contents of the unit can be copied and made available to any number of federal agencies.

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I can't imagine them [The Man] ever having a high success rate of finding anything of earth shattering consequence. Surely, anyone who is up to no good won't have their master plans for destruction on them (OK, a microSD card up the butt perhaps :wink:) in this day and age of (for want of a much less annoying term) "cloud computing".

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