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Bayern Munich v Aberdeen - Live


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I didn't like BBC's excuse for showing the Huns game instead of Aberdeens - "we've shown 7 of Aberdeen's matches but only 4 Rangers games". Crock o' turd. Rangers were in the Champs League thus were getting all their games on ITV/Sky anyway. Rangers will go out to Panathanaikioioioios and play 1 up front and try nick a goal, I would hope Aberdeen go out to Munich and atleast try be a bit adventurous. Their home tie was a fantastic match and if they even score one out there it's some achievement!

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Please do not take this the wrong way, but it boils down to viewing figures. Rangers have a huge support - Aberdeen do not. Having said that, I am a Celtic supporter and will be watching Aberdeen and wish them all the very best.


I totally see your point and would have accepted ITV, SKY or Channel 5 choosing the Rangers as they are commercial channels but I honestly think Aberdeen would have gotten a wider range of viewers (if not as many). To be fair to the BBC I do wonder if there was more to it... I'm not sure how the broadcasting rights for single games work but I reckon it would cost more to show a Bayern Munich home game than a Panathinaikos one.


Anyway, I won't be bias to either side... I hope they both get knocked out!

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