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Minid-disc Camcorder advice


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Hello folks, this is my first post and I'm just wondering if anybody can suggest a good mini-disc camcorder?. I'm looking to spend up to £300ish but what I'm really interested in is the picture quality, i.e the sharper the picture quality the better.


Thanks in advance :) .


P.S, is it possible for me to change my user name?. It's just dawned on me what a "troll" can be/is when it comes to the internet!.

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I use a JVC Everio digital camcorder (records to removable 4Gb microdrive) reproduction is fantastic but suffers a little in low light. You can get the newer versions with 20/30Gb drives built in for around £300.

The older stayle camcorders that use MiniDV tapes have fallen in price and a good one can be picked up for little over £100. Reproduction on these is really good for day to day filming and better in low light conditions generally. Only drawback is having to buy tapes and slower to take video onto PC for editing.



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