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Trout Fishing


Do you tell the truth about fishing?  

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  1. 1. Do you tell the truth about fishing?

    • I am a damned liar and never catch any good fish
    • I always tell the truth and i never catch small fish
    • I think fishing is for sad people who can't do sports

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That's one hellish looking fish; half gator!


That is nothing like an otter board, and i think from the legal aspect that constitutes unattended fishing gear so i think it's probably illegal, for troots anyway. I spose you could argue the case for using one 'jug' but any more than that and the association would probably smash up your boat. :wink:


An otter board would take a bit of describing, i might 'tackle' it later. :P

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Woo Hoo! It's started!


The Sea Troot season, dat is. I know that given the current problems facing the seagoing Trutta trutta population that it seems we really shouldn't be trying to catch this noble fish, let alone eat it but since this the only Sea Troot that I've managed to catch actually on purpose rather than as a bycatch of some youthful piltick spinning then I feel (almost) justified in retaining it and thoroughly enjoying eating it.


A lovely troot of 2lb 6 5/8ozs caught in the Loch o' Strom on Friday, a lovely way to christen my new waand. (A Greys 5-15g 7' GRXi Lightweight Spinning rod, for those who might be interested.)

Rest assured that any other Sea Troots that I land this year will find them selves back in the water quick smart, and that's to be pretty much the fate of most of the Broonies I take this year as well.....

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Tried Cunninsburgh Burn near the marina on monday night.

Blowing a Hooly, Lowish tide, rain.... LOVED it..

Sadly no fish though but I did see one in the burn.

I left once after about 40 minutes of pure darkness as with all that wind it wasn't too much fun.


Tides are a bit off for evening fishing just noo but I may go down to spiggie tonight just as it's getting dark.


Here's hoping it's a good year!!!

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