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Tom Kidd Photography - Black Gold Tide


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The "flashbacks" they gave me of my early days in the construction of Sullom Voe ..

Some of da street

And I really had to laugh at the picture of the underage drinkers .. :roll:

All of them really .. I don't think there's a bad one among them

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Even though I've looked through all these before on the net and have a well thumbed copy of the book, every time I look at them some other childhood memory comes pinging back to me.

Don't think that I can copy the pictures themselves here but a few that leapt out of the the first couple of pages are:

No.3 and 9 - Cases o beer outside o Liptons. I mind dis weel. I wonder if you could do this nowadays?

No.16 - Peerie boy sittin in da bow o da boat, mony a happy hour spent dere (an mony a cold, pleepsit wan as weel!)

No.27 - Construction Canteen, just for everything that the faces of the three main characters portray.

No.33 - The Cinema. Is that the North Star? I remember trying to get myself in to see an over-18's film once then trying to argue that they were charging me too much when I handed over the normal bairns entrance fee DOH! :oops:

No.39 - a wellknown Waastsider wi his twa fat peerie boys in da Co-op. Does anybody remember the "box mountain" that was in the corner behind the tills? After the seemingly endless drudgery of being dragged through the aisles, being sent to get boxes from here was a real high point. I think I always thought they might come tumbling down, trapping me underneath. It's amazing where you could take your pleasures from!

Could go on about this all day. It's funny how much things have changed in a relatively short space of time. I suppose the noughties will look equally innocent by the time I'm a pensioner.

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...an da Pubs!

Beer or lager, whisky, rum and vodka - whit mair could you want?

Dey ir all formica, beer towels and arm-wrestling Burra men.

Can't wait till da wheel o fashion turns an we hae retro pubs lik dis ageen. :lol:

There seems to be a disproportionate number of pictures from drinking establishments!

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