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Shetland expressions


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" A face is lang is da day an da moarn"


" Aff a fit an on a fit"


" Noo an sae"


" As timmer is a turd"


" A starvation o caald"


Dan der is dis een I haerd on a coorse night on da Nortboat in da 1960's

" Boy shu's rowling lek a turd in a pishpot"

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'Ah'll crack Dutch wi de!'


'Better an empty hoose as a bad tenant.' Granny's favourite :)


'Deevil tak de, du ill-farred, ill-trivven roovilt hockfinnie wi a fiss lik a bargoiltick!'


From Wilma Widdershins - for those of you that haven't read it, it translates as 'May the Devil take you, you ugly stunted cast-off with a face like a monkfish!'


I'll think of more soon.

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