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Park Hall, Bixter


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But there’s a story about it I’m sure – surprised no-one has yet come on with it. It was a doctor who built it for himself and his family and to include a consulting room or indeed maybe consulting suite. But then something went wrong. Did he misprescribe something and a patient died? Or did two of his children die? Or maybe both of these things? You can look up at it from my cousin’s summer house and we had this conversation a few years ago – I have forgotten almost all of it but I’m sure there was some great sadness involved and that accounted for it having fallen into ruin as no-one actually wanted to live there.


Someone will now come on and tell the correct version!

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Although not about park hall it's self it kind of explains it's position.

Think the Olive Walterson is Janet from Westside Pine's mum, not sure how she's doing right now, but true enough she might be able to answer some of your unanswered questions.

Just realised the baby talked about is her husband Frankie.

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Don't think there's any need to 'confirm' the stories as they were written by Olive Walterson (nee Bowie) who's father was James Cameron Bowie who built Park Hall


Maybe jellybeanqueen will have some more information to add about the house though!?

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:) Thanks Kevin, I don't live in Shetland, so I just had to ask ....

Cheers, Oddrun


.....and ooops again, I've just read your link too, about buildings at risk....


.....and "Shetlandcars", I would be very happy if you uploaded your picture to Shetlopedia.com It's much better than mine :) !!

Cheers again

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