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Park Hall, Bixter


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I am not sure if the Amenity Trust ever bought it. From this website





June 2006: External inspection reveals little change. The Shetland Amentity Trust confirm that they are pursuing ownership of the building.





12 April 2013: A member of the public advises they are hoping to purchase the building.

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Because of the fact that it was one of the first mass concrete built buildings in Shetland, the building is more or less beyond repair. The only viable solution would be to knock down and re-build. 


Would be interested to know who is intending to purchase the building.

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Hi from Auckland, New Zealand! My name is Lynn and one of my late mother's treasured possessions was a delightful letter written to her by her cousin, Ian (Teddy) Morison, from Park Hall, Bixter, Shetland in 1939. Googling the address has led me to your conversation, somewhat belatedly. Teddy was there on school hols and describes the many activities they participated in. He also illustrated the letter with his own sketches. His father Robert had a medical and a divinity degree, so perhaps he was a colleague of the Dr Bowie who later owned Park Hall.

This doesn't add much to your knowledge of Park Hall, Bixter, but it was such a surprise to recognise the address and see the rather forlorn photos of it today.

I hope your project was successful.

Kia ora, Lynn Spray

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