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Ever had a silly accident?

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^^ They are amazing things but hitting my eye was the third accident I have had using it. I think I'm a sensible mature adult and I would have thought I'd never hurt myself using a games console but I have. It does warn you to take care at the start of each play but any care soon goes out the window when you are trying( in my case ) to be a tennis pro!


Are you minding about the wrist strap?

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After adjusting the rear brake on my Suzuki trail bike I raced a friend across a car park to impress some girlies. Left the braking a little late and slid the bike sideways into a kerb stone. I was highsided over the bike chin first into a wooden post and rail fence. It didn't look as cool as it was meant to.


After riding my new (to me) heavily laden Honda Pan Euro 1100 that I had bought in Leeds through the snow and awful weather down the motorways from Yorkshire to Sussex I filled up at a local filling station then road the bike home, put it on the sidestand and unloaded it. My partner and her brother came out to see this monsterous bike. I weighed 140 pounds at the time and the bike weighed about 550 pounds. Her brother asked if I could get it on the centre stand. No problem I said and went to show him. As the bike lifted on the stand to the point of no return the diesel from the ground near the fuel pump that was now on the sole of my boot decided to lose grip. My foot slipped off the stand and the bike started to fall away from me. It was a split second decision to just let the bike go. I wasn't going to win that battle. I heard the neighbour laughing at my misfortune in his kitchen. Later that year I made love to his wife whilst he was away at work. Well it seemed to even things up!

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I remember going to this playscheme in Tingwall and it was a nice, summer's day and the children were playing out into the school garden playing ball games and running around. We also had a bouncy castle in the garden too and there were 3 children bouncing on it, the castle had no support and the 3 children sat at the back of the bouncy castle until, suddenly the bouncy castle tipped to its back and was millimetres from the rose bush as an adult saved the tumbling castle! It was so funny. :roll:

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I am THEE most accident prone person EVER, I could write stories about them but one that springs to mind is when I was trying to seperate frozen burgers with a knife. Needless to say I slipped it and stabbed myself in the end of my hand, in one side and out the other. I thought my flat mate was going to pass out with all the blood!! On the plus side, when I arrived at ARI the Doctor was really hot......... :wink:


Wouldn't advise it though!!

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