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Guest willz320

DAB is now switched on in Orkney.


kind of...... it has been since Christmas but unfortunately none of the commercial stations (Kiss, Kerrang, etc) have any viable interest in Orkney and Shetland or this far north in general.


This means the only channels available on DAB are BBC Digital (BBC7, Worldwide, etc plus all local radio around the UK).


Because of this - you are still better off (in Orkney and Shetland) with internet radio or through freeview on the telly....

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Does anyone know when Shetland will get digital radio?


Never, is maybe overstating the case?


Rollout is stopped - many commercial stations are withdrawing.

For most folk analogue works perfectly well, so unless you want to get extra stations, then why buy another 'radio' ?

Probably better selection and quality of 'radio' stations on the Internet ?

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You can get a lot of radio stations through Freeview on tv. That's how I do most of my radio listening nowadays.


However, there are plans afoot, in Scotland anyway, for BBC's radio stations to be removed from Freeview to make way for BBC Alba TV station (in Gaelic)

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Why are the digital radios for sale in Tesco's and, I think, the CO-op and who buys them?

I might buy one for use when on holiday in the UK mainland. In fact I have considered buying one from Amazon or some similar company but decided I wanted to feel the weight of my purchase first.

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Why are the digital radios for sale in Tesco's and, I think, the CO-op and who buys them?

Speculation ....


The 'techy' buying side of Tesco has a vaugue idea what a digital radio is and even less knowledge on where they can be used. Their job is to buy them as cheap as possible and get them to the shelves.


I suspect a number of folk buy them not knowing they are completely useless in Shetland. Do they have analogue on them as well? At least you would get some use of it then.


My 25 year old portable still works as good as when I got. That is one of the reasons digital radio has had an uphill struggle. Portable sets last for decades.

Hardly any vehicles have a digital radio. There does not seem to be a compelling reason to buy a digital radio for extra stations. Oh, and coverage has big holes in it.


Digital TV, much of which is of poor technical quality, at least has managed to produce many more channels that some folk want to watch. It has also freed up useful radio frequency space which can be sold for other purposes.

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Probably because FM radio is on a frequency many other companies want to use for things other than radio and because Digital Radio (from what I understand) supports more than just stereo sound, correct?


Eventually analogue broadcasts will cease to exist. It'll be a weird world when we can have 4G LTE data connections on our phones and FM Radio is still hanging around.

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