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Eastern Vikings


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Latest DNA research reveals that Shetland Vikings are of Asian origin:


Eastern Vikings

Tracing the genetic lineage of distinct family groups of Scandinavian 'vikings' have led through Northern Europe, via the peoples of northern Russia to the regions of what is now China along the coast of the China Sea. It is thought that the seafaring traits that have been so prominent in the Baltic and North Sea over the past twelve centuries were honed in the warmer climes of Chinese coast between the towns of Yingkou and Jinxi, East of Beijing, before population pressure and dynastic conflict prompted an epic migration that surpassed generations. The voyages of the Xi-iu Chi Mi people of Jinxi were already widely reported in the first and second centuries of the common era (CE) but the migration they undertook in 407 CE is a Saga in the true sense. After heading North over a period of 70-100 years, and four generations, a period of relative global warmth facilitated their navigation of the coast of Siberia over nineteen summers, leading to their settlement of the region now known as Finland and the shared physical characteristics between two such disparate nations can still be seen in modern times. Their integration with Suomi tribes and shared technology led, in part, to the Viking race that eventually occupied all of Norway, Sweden and parts of Denmark Their early mastery of the ocean led to the voyages now accepted and much referenced in Northern Europe of the eventual discovery of North America and Saga tales of their attempts to circumnavigate their 'known world' in their voyages to Jerusalem and the Eastern Mediterranean. It is suspected that emissaries of their empire continued overland to complete the journey started some 800 years earlier and return to their ancient homeland, upheld in their oral history and earliest documents. It is thought that their discovery of magnetite in the Liu Xea mountains led to the development of primitive directional compass technologies to achieve coherent navigation that was previously impossible. Examples of these and later sophisticated examples are held in the Peoples National Museum in Beijing. DNA sampling in Scandinavia and the Northern Isles of the UK which has subsequently established a genetic correlation between Jinxi region and Viking families that persist in the northern European region evident in mitochondrial DNA. No link has yet been established in the Viking lineage identified in Northern England



Dr Lia Polfor is a Finnish national currently employed in research at the University of Nottingham.

Section quoted from full article. Scientific abstract available here:



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What an astute observation Trønder :) , I am at least gratified that i noted 100+ views of this page without adverse reaction before Dagfinn blew the whistle on it.


I mean to say, North Sea Chinamen? Who ever heard of such a thing. :P




JAS and Crofter, erm, sorry, no revelations here.


The "Xi-iu Chi Mi people"- "See you Jimmy" people :wink:


The links are otherwise interesting about viking DNA, apart from the map, which has nothing to do with anything.

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