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Why do people come to Shetland?


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:lol: after two years reseach came on holiday had an interview for a job. Went home decided to look for another job and 16 years later here we are

Aged parents followed a year later. Shetland has the effect of liking or hating, we love it, the only down side is the cost of getting here and going to see family and friends south. We have made oodles of friends and feel part of the fixtures and fittings.Glad I'm now retired it does help with costs, but still too expensive for folk to come on holiday as they did when we first settled (size of family etc,) E-mail is a great invention though and the web-cam for keeping in touch.

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Ahh no one else come for love then...my partner is worth the move but not sure how i would have responded if i'd been asked to move to milton keynes


Well there is at least one more who did. My significantly better half wanted to come back after we re-met in Kent (it is a very long story) and I agreed. It took a little while to find work as I wasn't going to give up a well paid job without there being something to go to, but then we came. Fortunately after a recce visit or three I found that I really liked the place. I like the peace, the lack of traffic and the people. When asked why I wanted to come here in my job interview I said "Valhalla Beer, Blackwoods Gin and Dave Parhams peat and whisky smoked salmon". A bit trite, but I still like the salmon.

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Having done it the other way, I could never imagine why people would want to move to Shetland. I moved out as a teenager when oil was first discovered. In fact you can blame me for the oil in a small way as I helped find it while working on a norwegien oil survey ship back in 1971. But back to the point, its only when your older that you appreciate the upbringing, the safety, the level of education, the abundant wildlife, Up Helly Aa, lovely people - in the main and you can understand why people would want to move to Shetland, maybe Shetlanders should spend time living in the mailand Uk and the answer to the question will become apparent? I dont know, I know I love going home for a holiday every now and then. Its great to be back home!

on a slightly different tack, I've never been to Posers either, but then it wasnt around it was the Planets, and we could all dance as we were taught how to at School - if you went to the Central! Cant speak for those instituters.


Says it all

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im suprised that the man of kent is bothered with a web site about shetland if he hated it so much.

we came to shetland for the work. having never been here it was a big gamble. what have we gained.

:D : great schools,

great communities(we were in the mossbank area for just under two years apart from some kids the community was great) we now are in a small crofting community even better.

great views never dreamed that i could look out of my front door and have a view over the sea and lochs.

great freedom not worried by crime.

:roll: the moaners should think what they would prefer. let them run off to london and they will soon be moaning about that.

im not saying that i love everything the winters are something that you just have to live through. but coming from lancashire ive had much colder wetter winters. so yes there are a lot more good things about shetland and shetlanders than negative. if the outside world found out how good it was up here you would be flooded with people.

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