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Football Results 2008 Season


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What was the game like Bogle (or anyone else that was there) was it everything it was built up to be, close game, big crowd etc.


There wasna much time to do a build up as it was only decided on Tuesday night to play it last night!


The game itself was quite scrappy and more of a battle than a spectacle.


Fairly even match but Delting created the better chances in the 1st half, Leighton Flaws scored the goal after about 25 mins and they could've been a couple more ahead by half time but the second half saw more chances for us, hitting the post with a free kick, header cleared off the line and a very good claim for a penalty turned down.


Delting also had an effort cleared off the line in the second half.


Not much in it at all and neither keeper could claim to have been busy but once again Delting have set the standard and once again we've fallen short.


Still the Parish Cup to play for though (and County Shield) i think the date for the final is the 6th September - anyone heard any different?

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It was mooted to move the final of the County shield due to Shetland playing the Western Isles on the 29th but no definate date was given at the monthly meeting. The SFA fixture secretary was hoping to have a meeting with the SRT/SIC about pitches and an extension to the playing season this week coming.


The Parish cup was hoped to be moved to the 6th? but I believe the Gibby is already booked for the Bloomfield Cup final and Seafield was booked in the afternoon for Archery, although they were to get back to him as it may be possible to get the pitch in the evening to play the game.

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Bloomfield Cup 20/8/08


Ness United B 2 - Spurs B 4


Scalloway B 5 - Thistle B 3


Delting B 3 - Celtic B 1


Whitedale B v Whalsay B postponed due to the Council strike and no ferries.


Ness United B v Whitedale B league game is off on Friday due to the Yell v Whitedale A game going ahead.

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