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I've noticed that every now and again that, in the Google Ads block on the left of this page, Shetland has been offered for sale on eBay. Does this mean I'm going to be made homeless, or sold into slavery? What are we to do?!


And who owns Shetland anyway? Maybe we could club together and buy it back. How much do you think we should bid?

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Guest Anonymous
i bid a sack 'o tatties, a soiled copy of the news of the world from 1987 and a pair of ladies pants.



You bid your woman, your home and your entire wardrobe ?!!?!!?


You're getting carried away there, settle.


heh, no, just a few souvenirs from my last stay at your luxury pad... i found the tatties growing in your bed, i'm surprised you never missed them. i also found a well thumbed copy of desperate russian slappers, but i'm keeping that.

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