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Dementia - The Official European Football Championship Sound - 2008/06




1.Rido – Czech Republic

2.Krone – Spain

3.Spinor – Netherlands

4.Odium – Croatia

5.Cnetik – Portugal

6.Axiom – Switzerland

7.Dabs – Italy

8.T-tech – Sweden

9.Kantyze – France

10.Alien Pimp – Romania

11.Nphonix & Paperclip – Russia

12.Nme Click – Turkey

13.Complex – Greece

14.Dementia – Germany

15.Cls & Wax – Poland

16.Camo & Krooked – Austria

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For something different.


Cued up and ready to drop on unsuspecting heads is the cool hip-hop funk from Argentinia






1. DJ Joven & Lindsay Welsh - Babasonicos vs. Marcelo Fabián

2. Villa Diamante - Emisor (Diamante Cumbiastyle)

3. El Remolón - Cumbia Guajira

4. Villa Diamante - El Remolón vs. Detroit Grand Pubahs

5. King Coya Ft. PG13 and Axel K - Petrona Martinez (Diamante Edit feat. Princesa)

6. Villa Diamante - Chancha Vía Circuito vs Calle 13

7. Fauna - Piola Boy

8. Sisqo Hit a.k.a. Arkd - Rastrishop

9. Villa Diamante - Chancha Vía Circuito vs. Nelly

10. Villa Diamante - Marcelo Fabián vs. Dante

11. Villa Diamante - Surtek Collective vs. Modeselektor

12. Tremor & Villa Diamante vs. Don Chezina & Tony Touch

13. Sonido del Principe - Cartagena

14. El Nosotros - Ragga Intro

15. Surtek Collective - El tebeo feat. Peter Rap

16. Disque DJ - Pedacito de Mi Vida

17. DJ Panik - Like This, Like That

18. Santogold feat. Spankrock - Shove It (Toy Selectah Cumbia Refix)

19. Dj Not I - Deuce Eclipse vs. Skream (Diamante Cumbiastyle)

20. Aldo Benitez - Rota de Nuevo (Daleduro Cemix)

21. Villa Diamante - Tonolec vs. Kromestar

22. Villa Diamante - Daleduro vs. Lady Tigra

23. Luisao - Plasticians vs. Todos Tus Muertos

24. Intoxicados - Comandante (Diamante Cumbiastyle Edit)

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Nice chill out mix this for the lazy daze




Amiri Baraka & Peanut Butter Wolf Nobody Knows Summer’s End (pond mix)

Reflection Eternal Memories Live

Organized Konfusion In Vetro

Blackalicious 40 oz for Breakfast

Amiri Baraka & Peanut Butter Wolf Moreland’s Lunar Props (pond mix)

Guilty Simpson & J Dilla Man’s World

Jay Dee & Madlib Champion Sound

Kanye West Heard ‘em Say

Jay Dee & Madlib f/ Quasimoto Sex Freaks

Cannibal Ox F Word (Instr.)

Erykah Badu The Healer

Mos Def U R the One

Madlib f/ Medaphor Please Set Me at Ease

Haki R. Madhubuti Wake Up Luther (pond mix)

& Peanut Butter Wolf

Highlife Movement The Prayer

Mos Def Dollar Days

Kanye West Crack Music

Melky Sedak Attraction (Instr.)

Jay Dee & Madlib The Mess

Platinum Pied Pipers Ridin’ High

Roots f/ Bahamadia Proceed III

Danger Doom f/ Cee-Lo Benzie Box

Erykah Badu Soldier

Mos Def Undeniable

Amel Larrieux Say You Want It All

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2 hours of calibre back to back with marky in the mix. Recorded at the End (Marky & friends) in June this year.


Sorry no tracklist available anywhere for this (believe me i've looked!)




this is a fooken sweet mix. soooo smoooth

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this came with a warning..

unless you plan on raping and murdering people, which im sure this music would be ideal for getting you "in the mood", then give it a miss.



01. Ogonek - Diesre [unsigned]

02. Ogonek - Break Prostotia [silA ep - HMSU0004]

03. Ogonek - E Sea [unsigned]

04. Ogonek - Reogre [unsigned]

05. Ogonek - Clocks [silA ep - HMSU0004]

06. Ogonek - Sturgalka [unsigned]

07. Karn Evil - Instigate (ogonek RMX) [unsigned]

08. Ogonek - Subbota Neddelya [unsigned]

09. DB - Soupap [unsigned]

10. Ogonek - Grubbo [unsigned]

11. Digital Soul - Crooked [unsigned]

12. Ogonek - Deep Flangus [silA ep - HMSU0004]

13. Ogonek - Loshoto Melyane [demo]

14. Ogonek - Wagner [silA ep - HMSU0004]

15. Syneptic - Blood [T-FREE-3EP027]

16. Ogonek - Cradle [unsigned]

17. Kigami - One Piece [unsigned]

18. Digital Soul - Freak [unsigned]

19. Karn Evil - Data Crunch [JUGG001]

20. Ogonek - Kasite [unsigned]

21. Ogonek - Final Feed Half [unsigned]

22. Ogonek - In Tabernata [unsigned]

23. Giacomo Puccini - Tosca - Felvonas (1. resz) [HUNGAROTON - SPLPXL 12243-44]





so on your ears be it.

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