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UEFA Cup Final


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Maybe because the number of decent supporters doesn't outweigh the scum element by as much as you'd like to think it does?


Or maybe because the away support tends to attract a higher percentage of less-restrained individuals. At least that seems to be the case with Hearts, as far as I can gather.

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I have it on good authority that there were guys there wearing Motherwell and Hibs strips and heard that fans of another Scottish club travelled down just to "soak up the atmosphere".


I don't believe for one minute any fan of another scottish team would want to be in the same place as 100,000 Rangers fans, particularly hibs fans.


"soak up the atmosphere".
join in a running battle with the worst fans in scotland, britain, europe, the world?


Rangers fans should not all be tarred with the same brush, but they are all tarred from the same paint pot.


The background to the dog biting the rangers fan is because rangers fans were freely assaulting manchester police like wolves in a pack mentality, so the police dog wanted to defend his pack.

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Did anyone actually bother to watch the video in the link jag1984 provided?


It's absolutely sickening. jag1984 correctly said it's disgraceful, but what he forgot to add is that people on here trying to blame anyone other than the Rangers fans are also a disgrace. It's just a pity it didn't happen at the ground, because then UEFA would have the power to ban the club or it's supporters from Europe.




If you get home from a hard days work to find the TV isn't working, does that entitle you to give your wife a beating?

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In case I have been misunderstood, for my part I am not trying to deflect anything away from those who called themselves Rangers fans and were involved in the unsavoury, disgusting and sickening incidents that happened. What I will say is that I have no doubt that Rangers as a club will ensure that those that can be positively identified will be banned from entering the grounds of any game that Rangers are at - as they have done in the past. And therein, unfortunately, lies the problem. It can be difficult for a club to identify these cretins without the help of others. It can sometimes be difficult to apprehend the culprits inside grounds even with CCTV cameras never mind outside grounds as other clubs can testify to - we still await the collaring of the 'lighter thrower' which hit Fernando Ricksen from a couple of years ago and the missile throwers that hit the Rangers club doctor at Parkhead recently.


Additionally, many of these lowlife that turned up in Manchester will have never stepped inside Ibrox or any other football ground in their life but are keen in causing aggro when an opportunity arises. I think we all know the type - ask them to name anyone in the Rangers team from Barcelona in 1972 and they haven't a scooby. The Manchester thugs are not welcome on this earth, never mind Ibrox.


In my opinion, to say that this is purely a Rangers problem is like saying that Rangers are the cause of disorder in today's society. None of the big clubs in Scotland have been squeaky clean in the last few years, (and I actually include Hearts as a bigger club!), unfortunately for Rangers and their decent fans this was a high-profile occasion with an unprecedented amount of people boozed up and compressed into one area.


For those with an opposite opinion, I respect your right to give it. I know it can be difficult to take a step back and see it from the other side, especially if the other side is Rangers! I understand that, sometimes my views have a slight blue tinge to them - only natural as I love the Rangers. Even this number of days after I feel my stomach churning when I recall the scenes I've seen on video. I wish that one of the police vans had just ploughed into the mob rather than stopping.

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I don't know about that. Yes, the majority of Rangers fans are good football supporters but i do think that Rangers tend to attract trouble more than other teams. Seeing loads of their fans around Glasgow i wouldn't say it was a party atmosphere here. They were an intimidating bunch and normal civilians wanted to stay out of their way rather than join in the festivities. Many people I spoke to before the game, from both sides of the Old Firm, feared that there would be trouble and there was. Every club is guilty of having a hooligan aspect but i think Rangers are worst than most. In 1972 they ended up getting banned from Europe even after they'd won the Cup Winners Cup because their fans wrecked the place in Barcelona.

I know many Rangers fans down here that wouldn't complain if they were suspended for a year by UEFA as they are as appalled by the behaviour of the fans.

Personally I think a European ban for this years side would be harsh on the hard work put in by the Rangers players and coaching staff, but is perhaps something the club deserves for the absolutely disgusting scenes in Manchester. Would any European club be sad to see Rangers thrown out of UEFA competitions next year? I can't think they'll be looking forward to welcoming the Gers in their streets and squares.

Although sadly even if the club were suspended, i doubt it would solve the hooligan aspect which wrecks the reputation of the club. Perhaps a ban on travelling fans would be more appropriate?

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I think it can be safely said that Rangers fans are no worse than any other. You get mobs that deliberately go out to cause trouble. They do this by egging on the 'real' fans and stirring things up. There are hoever two sides to each story as this picture shows:-


Police bruality?


I'll answer your second point first - the chap strolling along, can of beer in hand, getting clattered to the ground by the riot polis man. I saw that on the Thursday morning and I hope he has a copy of that vid with his lawyer as, judging by the few seconds we see, that was completely out of order and would probably constitute assault.


Your first point "that Rangers fans are no worse than any other" I will have to take issue with, however.

Their travelling fans have a poor record as far as this sort of thing goes, both in recent and not so recent years.

We all know that the majority Rangers support of are decent (if misguided :wink: ) people but it's the size of their minority that is the problem.

All the union jack waving and loyalism seems to attract a certain type of fan who can't separate Nationalism from right wing politics, pride in your country from xenophobia.


Any club from a big city will have elements among their support that you certainly wouldn't want to end up with in a dark alley but yes, Rangers are worse than other clubs. With the "We are the People" and "No one likes us, we don't care" mentality they set themselves above others and if you hear them en masse there is so much hatred boiling in sections of the crowd. The sectarian singing has certainly decreased, maybe another generation will see it die out almost completely, but it's difficult to imagine as this unquestionning hatred is bred into so many in the west of Scotland. The pathetic point scoring that goes on between Rangers and Celtic sickens me sometimes, as does the choice of subject matters that are used to try and achieve this.


Hopefully some good may come out of the disgraceful scenes in Manchester and it will act as a catalyst for Rangers FC, as well as ordinary bears, to make some things unnacceptable at Ibrox and wherever else they gather. I know bluenose friends of mine are horrified by what they saw and we agreed we would probably have been beside ourselves with frustration if the big screen we'd arranged to watch the match on went down, but bottling the technicians who were trying to fix it is just :shock:

Some of the stuff that went on afterwards was mental and Rangers will have to work hard to improve things or there will be riot police waiting in lines whenever they travel to European away matches.


Part of the problem is this denial that we are seeing from a sizeable portion of Rangers fans and the media. It was infiltrators from Chelsea, from other Scottish clubs, from Northern Ireland and England we are told but ask yourselves "What is about our club that attracts these people?"


It's time for change, it really is.

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Of course Rangers have loads of fans who are complete bangers, but so does everybody else. After Scotland lost to Italy last year a group of neds in front of me in Scotland tops on Queen Margaret Drive ran across the road and smashed an unsuspecting man with his wife over the head with a wine bottle. Yes this is a very rare thing for a Scotland 'fan' to do, but the anti-Rangers attitude shown by some seems to cloud their judgement on what the real problem is.

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I think it can be safely said that Rangers fans are no worse than any other.


Sorry, Pooks, but - moderator or not - you couldn't be wronger.


I'd be pretty sure that every club who has had the misfortune of having these scum visit them would be of the mind that they wouldn't be in any hurry to have them re-visit.


And second on the 'let's be in no hurry to have 'em back here again' would be the other half of the ugly sisters.

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