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Guest perrie-lipper

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Guest perrie-lipper

Having traveled extensively throughout the years, and experiencing many countries world wide, there are so many tips to be given to future travelers.


Shetlanders manage to get to every corner of the globe, some stay and some return back, but always remain rooted to their culture and heritage.


Several tips.


Traveling to Turkey- Currency-Lira (YTL) (brought into circulation at the start of 2005 to replace the old lira's unwieldy denominations) comes in notes of 5, 10, 20, 50 and 100.


When in Turkey remember nothing is free, everyone will try to sell you something-only buy it if you need it. You will soon have the currency sussed within a day.


Turkey is a country you haggle for everything, good tip-what ever price they give you at the market half it and start again, great place for shopping.


Great place for women to travel alone; I spent 5 months there and encountered no problems.


Great place for a family holiday with kids, the Turkish people are tremendous with children.


Duty Free at airport be careful, they stick to the recommended allowance, if you buy a lot of jewelery ware it when leaving the country. The limits are I think £143.00 of souvenir’s including clothes and jewelry, 200 cigarettes, or 50 cigars, or 1 box of tobacco, 1 liter of spirits or 2 bottles of wine, and 50ml of perfume.

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Guest Anonymous

General Travel Tips:


Long haul flights. Despite it lengthening the journey time, get to the airport as early as possible if you don't have an extended leg room seat. Although, BA (and quite probably some others) do allow you to select your seat on some long haul flights on their website. Simply ask politely at the check in desk if you can move.


If you find yourself sitting beside the toilet on the plane...you are in for a rough ride. People standing over you constantly and the fresh waft of whatever has just been done in there everytime the door opens.


Don't try to be funny at airports when asked "are you carrying anything you shouldn't".


If you catching a connecting flight with a different airline, make sure you allow yourself enough ti


On US bound flights, make sure you have the address of where you will be staying for the duration of your stay (or the first night if you are travelling) in your hand luggage so you can fill out your landing form.

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This website is handy if you know the type of aircraft you are going to be flying in. It lists the seating arrangements and amenities on many different aircraft and airlines. On a long-haul flight get yourself one next to the kitchen. On a Malaysia Airlines flight it was a lot easier getting beer when I just had to pull back the curtain and smile rather than pushing the button and waiting! :wink:


Edited to add in another link --> http://www.seatexpert.com/

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It's a good idea to keep a basic kit of clean underwear, toothpaste etc in your hand luggage just incase your main luggage gets sent to the wrong place. Also you should drink loads of water on long haul flights, it really helps to reduce the effects of the dry stale air.

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No 1 tip: Travel Light


Especially for lasses travelling without big strong blokes.


Choose your hand-luggage carefully, for size and useability and contents, and make sure you have wheels on your main baggage, as you'll probably be trailing it in and out of taxis, buses, planes, trains, boats....and hauling it along everywhere in between. When you have an excellent holiday buzz, it is no sense to downer yourself with the masses of weight and bulk.


Also, take off your metal accoutrements (belt buckle, steel toe-cap boots, overly-zipped jackets, keys, watch, jewellery, etc) on the actual journey to save slowing you up with the bleeper through departure.


If you do get stopped at the bleeper for a search, even if it doesn't go off, it helps to remember that the staff are obliged to check a proportion of travellers whether they look suspicious or not, (sometimes 1 in 4), because those are the official number of checks they have to do by regulations. So, if they stop and search you, it doesn't mean they suspect you of anything, quite likely it means no-one was suspicious-looking on the flight but they had to check someone, and you looked like the most reasonable-looking soul.


That and take a picnic from home - have you seen the prices they charge in airports?

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Having done a couple of round the world tickets...ear plugs are essential if you're gonna be crashing in hostels!


Also when in dodgy countries (eastern europre,middle east etc) and you are approached by dodgy looking characters who look like they want to eat you......start shouting as loud as you can in your finest Shetland accent. Soon gets rid of them! :D


Travelling light is the best tip possible - 15kg should be enough. Budget to wash your claes once a week and buy new gear to replace stuff you're bored with.


Always smile when you are checking in at a foreign airport, no matter how knackered you are. A smile and a bit of chit-chat will improve your chances of an upgrade.


Round the world tickets don't carry the same restrictions as cheapo single/return flights....plus they're pretty good value. You can basically change dates when you feel like and you also have a better chance of upgrade.

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