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BGD Discos


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Probably a bit late but............


Rednex: Cotton eye joe (loathe this song so much)

Shamen: Move any mountain

Nightcrawlers: push the feeling on

Gloworm: Carry me home

Manic Street Preachers: Motorcycle emptiness

Prodigy: No good

Snap: Power


And I do remember once hearing


Scorpions: Wind of changes :lol:

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Erm.. dare I mention discos in the 70's eek!

I can remember going to discos at the Carnegie Hall in Sandwick in those days -we used to walk to the hall in our wellie boots, leave them in the back lobby and change into our shoes that we had brought in a Liptons carrier bag...

Mud - Tiger Feet

Alvin Stardust -My Coo ca Choo

Suzie Quattro -Devil Gate Drive

and many many more, but my brain was probably too addled from copious amounts of Vimto (in peerie bottles) and crisps (5p a bag) to remember them.

Then of course we got all grown up and started going to da big disco at Jubilee '77...

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