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Lounge suits

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In that case it really is just a bog standard suit or dress uniform. When I went a couple of the lasses just turned up in jeans. After all the fuss we went through getting our hats and dresses. One tip - do not get changed in waverly station - hundreds of others do too. And there's no booze!!!!!!!!

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A lounge suit is another name for business suit and usually indicates a semi-formal function. A darker suit with a white shirt and tie are appropriate.


On some occasions, if the function is an informal outdoor afternoon affair, then the lounge suit can be more casual, lighter colored, and worn without a tie (unless it is a Royal affair). But, when in doubt, always dress more formally.


For women, a lounge suit normally indicates a shorter length dress or outfit as opposed to a formal floor length gown.

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it's daydress with hat for women, though hat seems to be pretty optional, gloves are no longer compulsory, apparently my red fishnet ones weren't suitable, according to the male prude in his SKIRT (he may call it a kilt).

National dress is usually very apparent. Do remind any females accompanying you NOT to wear stilettos.

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