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I'm a forum addict! Cyber Communities vs 'Real' communities

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Du took the words right oot of my mooth. They are amazingly addictive. I'm meant tae be doing tonnes of stuff, but every half an hour I get this urge tae see what new things folk have said. I reckon at least an hour and a half of my day, everyday, is lost tae the forum. :?


But it's not wasted time by any means. It's incredibly informative and there is a good sense of fun. :)

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Guest perrie-lipper

Well perriebryan,


I totally agree, I was lucky to get word of mouth about this fantastic new site, and canna help setting aside deadline reports to have a look.....and as stated well informative, news at your fingertips, no need to wait a week for that wonderful local paper to arrive in the post, much more fun.

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Well done Peerie bryan and Shetlink team :D
Thanks! We didna mean to get wirselves hooked though! Don't get high on your own supply and all that..... :wink:


LOL .. I know .. I've now stopped looking at it altogether at work before I end up getting a rollicking!! It's like I've gone cold turkey ... I find myself needing to look at whats been going on!! Eek! 8O

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Guest Anonymous

yes bryan and co, this forum does have moreish tendancies. its the human condition to want to communicate with ones fellow brother. Or we're all just nosy, gossipy, back stabbing Basrads.


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When I first log on in the morning, I get a feeling of excitement, closely followed by dread when I see all the smashing orangy bits (new post indicators for you guests. You should sign up!)


Then when I've spen 2 hrs trawling through the posts, I get a feeling of satisfaction, closely followed by dissappointment because I've go nothing more to read


I then spend the rest of the day checking back every ten minutes hoping that someone has posted something


Am I alone...........

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