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I'm a forum addict! Cyber Communities vs 'Real' communities

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There are some communities (such as this one) which are built around a real-life community, further strengthening it.


There are yet others which build a community based on non-geographical issues (e.g. Esperanto groups, dog breeders, policemen, religious groups, cancer survivors) which are an invaluable source of support and solidarity previously not available to them.

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As I have mentioned on the WoW thread.. I have many good freinds that I have never met in RL.. that i have spent the last 2 years on and off playing and chatting about anything I would talk to many of my "RL" good friends.


People from Sweden, Ukraine, Holland, Greece, Poland, England, Norway, Isreal and Spain.. of various ages from 18 to 39 and with that many cultures and ages, it leads to many an interesting debate at times.. but one thing you learn is that, at the end of the day dispite so many differences.. we are all the same. and I know I have many places and now people to visit in some fascinating places of the world.


And as trout mentions the internet has bacome an alternative way for me to keep up with really good friends that have moved south.. friends I would probably otherwise loose contact with.. but due to Forums such as this and emails.. I probably talk more to them now than when they lived in shetland.


Some would argue that you can never get to know someone over the internet without nowing them in RL.. I beg to differ.. I agree that it maybe takes longer since you cant read facial expression etc but in on a plus side it teaches you to talk/type to people without any premade false judgements/opinions. It doesnt take just too long to suss out the genuine people from the fakers.


Edit: In summary I think the internet is great for bringing down uneescary barrier that people put in palce when talkign to people face to face.

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