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Super Unleaded in Shetland?


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My car can run on either, I had it remapped but boost pressure was kept down due to not having super unleaded here. Many of the high performance cars should ideally be using super. How much would that cost, another 10p over unleaded?

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Sounds like you'll need 2 or 3 tank fulls to get the engine to adapt to the higher rated fuel before you'll see a difference.

I see Scottish Fuels have bought Leasks forecourt, perhaps they will supply super unleaded, I'm sure we could put a case together for a 'small' supply!


Justin :-)

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Yeah would most def need a few tanks too flush the system. yeah wouldnt mind lol

ahh so theyve bought leasks lets hope they stay competitive!!

i have read of S3's in South Africa running on worse fuel than here so car should be ok!!


Mind you the 98 is a damm bit more expensive but then if you can afford an expensive car!!!!

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