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SKY TV in Shetland


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I have just had the strangest phone call from someone who said they were calling on behalf of Sky. They were asking if I had problems with my Sky picture freezing, as there had been others in my area who had complained. Now funnily enough I have had problems lately, but thought it was because I had an old box and the dish is getting rusty!

Anyway, once I told him I had problems I was given Sky's Customer service number to phone and they will get an engineer out to have a look.


I'm a bit of a cynic, and don't trust cold callers, but it is the correct Sky Customer Service number he gave me. I also don't want a huge repair bill for something that isn't really causing me any problems. (the channels that are freezing are ones I rarely watch)


Before I phone Sky, anyone else in Shetland having any problems?

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If freezing means 'not switching to the channel immediately and going a bit like a random jigsaw for a few moments before it finds where it's supposed to be' then yes our Sky box is freezing.


Can't remember how old our aerial is - could be two years, could be older, but the box is only two years old.


We haven't had any phone calls that I'm aware of, but we're out working during the day.


Hope that helps!

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Sky have also phoned Mam (who has Sky) and Granny (who doesn't have Sky), to ask the same question. (Weird?! - but we do have the same surname and there is only 4 households with our surname in Shetland - anyway nothing to do with Sky!)


Away to phone Sky on a cheaper no than the 0870 they gave me (cheaper no courtesy of http://www.saynoto0870.com/ )


Freezing was the word the person used who phoned me. I would say pixelated would be closer. When you switch on a channel affected, part of the picture is pixelated, then the whole picture does freeze.


I'll let you know how I get on.

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Guest Anonymous

A bit of advice.

I can't say why I know this, but:

Any Cold Calls like this should be ignored. If you have a problem with your Sky system, call Sky directly using the number which you can find in the menu of your Sky box, and not because you have been prompted by a call.


It's a money making con

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I had one of these calls too, someone with a very strong accent who couldn't get off the phone quick enough when i told her we had no problems and who claimed it was just a courtesy call. I was pretty skeptical about it and i think she picked up on that pretty quick.

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Not had problems with sky but im getting cold calls on my mobile.

Everyday for the past two weeks I have had a call from the same number (01254 ******) asking for someone by name that ive never heard of.

They ask for the same person each time and every time I tell them they have a wrong number.

Then yesterday they phoned and went through the usual script then tried to sell me mobile phone insurance. told them if they get my name right I might listen to them!

Half an hour later I got a call from the same person but a withheld number. Asked him to confirm my name but he said he couldnt "Due to the data protection act"

Politley told him where to go!

Is this a common problem with vodafone contracts?

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I had my SKY installed end September last year ....apart from the fact that the guys were downsight rude ...I had to wait 8 weeks to get it....


It never worked right from the start and when they came back after another 6 week wait i was told that I had to expect that the signel would go of everytime it was Foggy/rain/winds...


Last week I got so fed up with it a friend of mine spoke to Sky who told us they had a couple of engineers on the island to catch up with all the back log...


Yesterday these two engineers called and sorted the problem in 5 min and it only took two days for them to come.....I can honestly say that they were very polite and very helpful...It turned out that the thing had not been installed properly and the hanset I was left was a second hand one that was out of date....


Has anyone else had these problems with the One and Only Installer on the Island?

I think this guy is holding everyone to ransom.....I am told by Sky that the waiting list on Orkney was ONE WEEK....Surely there are not that many people having Sky installed at the same time that it means an average 6-8 weeks wait!!!


I for one would be more than willing to put these guys up for a week or two if it meant that they could come here and do the istallations on a regular basis and it did not mean having to deal with an upstert of a man who thinks he has a right to be nasty and rip you of... ...after all he is baing paid enogh by Sky to do these installations....


Sky inform me that If there were enogh complaint they would look at doing It a different way....


Would be interested to know of others experience


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