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Any of you gamers noticed an increase in ping lately.


When we first got broadband we were getting an average ping of about 40 , and that with 4 users connected at the same time. As expected when uptake in bb usage increased throughout Shetland this increased to and average of about 55.


For a while now our ping has been sitting at about 60 - 70 , but over the last few weeks at peak times (between 7pm & 11pm ) is been rising to at least 120.


This is not just us, it is happening to two other gamers on the weisdale exchange. We are using pipex and the other two gamers who this is happening to are on AOL & BT.


We all play Allied Assault Spearhead, we are all in the same online clan, and peak times is when we play league matches against other clans and playing with a 100+ ping is useless, players from Portugal & greece have lower pings to UK Mainland server than we have.


Any other gamers having the same problems, or is just our exchange ?

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I'm Zog or to give me my full title [ TSF ] Zog. I have one or two passions in life, fishing, drinking and online gaming. Half Life 2 death match to be precise :D

I was wondering how many online game players (NOT gambling) there were up here??????????????????




Errrmmm...that's three... :wink:

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  • 3 weeks later...

Questions to all you online gamers in Shetland.


Who do you use as your ISP?

Whats your average ping?


We are going to ditch our ISP after years of great service PIPEX are now officially C**P. Since getting transfered onto the TISCALLI network our connection drops, pings have raised, download & Upload speeds have dramatically dropped. PIPEX/TISCALLI claims there is a bottle neck, but after reading many other forums there are not many happy PIPEX customers left.


Was thinking about SKY as an isp but dont want to be tied to a years contract if they are'nt any good for gaming.


Any advice on this would be much appreciated.

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I've been with BtInternet since the dawn of internet & aside from trouble due to electric storm a few weeks ago thats been the only time ive ever had any down time, loss of connection or any problem what so ever.


They arent the cheapest but compared to friends who have used tiscali, talk talk, aol, sky, virgin, and have pretty constant loss of connections, crap pings downtime, bt are by far the best.



I play UO on american shards and average ping is 50 to 70.

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O2 are basically your best bet for an ISP these days. Living in Lerwick I get 7.6mbit (at peak times it drops to around 4mbit). Ping is never an issue, to a UK server I average 20-30ms and to the US it never goes above 90ms. I've only had the line for around 2 weeks but, having used BT previously for around a year, its significantly better. My internet speeds would almost plummet under 256kbit in the evenings and weekends.


If you're interested, o2 are a little more at £17.50 a month for o2 mobile contract customers or £20 a month for non-o2 customers. Thankfully, I have a phone contract with them. So yeah... Highly recommended.

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Thought might fire up a new thread for all you online gamers.

It's just occured to me how many people of all ages have games consoles

and online gaming after the release of Black Ops and so many people i know getting it online.

So if anyone is interested (and seeing as the last thread i found was 2yr old)

stick your Gamertags/usernames/whatever along with format and favourite online game (optional)


360: AskelonBryant

PS3: Askelon_Bryant


COD:MW2 and BLOPS on both for me


(***Mod Edit - Merged with the Online Gaming thread***)

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