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Stuart Hill (Captain Calamity) Forvik

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A high school. Or maybe they should invite some others to go and live there with him, and since he's 'head of state' he'll have to look after their welfare.


It strikes me that the desire to be head of state is at the root of Stuart's entire battle. He wants to be king of Shetland. That may sound ludicrous, but having had some correspondence with the man, I'm not so sure it's inaccurate.

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^ He very probably is right, up to a point at least. However, standing against that is "use and wint", in that we've "accepted" their jurisdiction for over 500 years "without resistance", which in its

I find it interesting that all the courts so far have not been prepared to "test" his assertion that Shetland is not part of the UK and therefore their courts do not have jurisdiction here.

His boat, and his 'erection,, were by all accounts located on land that belonged to someone else. Unless he had a signed and sealed agreement, which there's no word of, to have it there the owners are

I completely agree with Stuart Hill, I think Shetland should regain it's independence.


First thing the local parliment should do is to then refuse Stuart Hills visa application and deport him back to whence he came.


He'd be the first of many - is it just me or does anyone else feel Shetland seems to be a magnet for eccentrics (okay, nutters)

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I can't say I disagree with his objectives, rattling a few cages concerning the status quo and established convention is rarely ever a bad thing, but OMG his methods leave just about everything to be desired. :shock: Sitting on your own on a rock in the middle of nowhere is fine and well, until something goes wrong and you need assistance, and the rest of us taxpayers get to pay an ungodly bill for sending Oscar Charlie to save his ass, I wonder if he's ever paid back any of the costs incurred by Oscar Charlie concerning his arrival here yet? Surely there was someplace slightly more accessible to be gotten that would have proved the same point.


- is it just me or does anyone else feel Shetland seems to be a magnet for eccentrics (okay, nutters)


It gives them the audience they crave, most places on the mainland they're just one more standing on a soapbox on the street corner or in the local park spouting their speil, and are largely ignored, here they're still a bit of a novelty and have entertainment value, as the numerous media reports and threads on this site and others, on Mr Hill goes to prove.

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Well I think that the government should send a warship to reclaim Forvik. Meanwhile we need to know that our beloved council is not going to provide any services to the island......services such as roads, ferries, a school and so on.



Anderson High is looking for cheaper land to big up on! :lol: :lol: :lol:

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EDIT - i misread that post by tomblands first time round, yes indeed he is. He seems to remain ballsy after all his ventures, however they turn out.


He may yet gain an entry in the next edition of this book, with no shame associated.






It still galls me slightly that even now he refers to this new escapade as being 'a bit of fun' and recommends that all pensioners should do something like this, which is grossly irresponsible from a every angle. It could all go terribly wrong on every level, political, safety, fiancially - all for 'a bit of fun'.

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Guest Anonymous
- is it just me or does anyone else feel Shetland seems to be a magnet for eccentrics (okay, nutters)


Na, it canna hae too muckle o a magnetic haad upo nutters. I managed ta win awa. :wink:

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Sadly, I suspect that the authorities are likely to ignore him and hope the whole issue fades away.


However, on a brighter note, I suspect that he is made of sterner stuff than that and, sooner or later, things will come to a head.


Maybe he should offer facilities (eg an on-shore portaloo..etc. ) to the Russian Navy or something similar. Now THAT would cause a stir..


Watching with more than a little interest.

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...........well done to Mr Stuart Hill for furthering his case. Not many people will crash land on an island, release a free publication to the whole island, attempt to hold public meetings and when it all fails decide to take over an island.


With winds expecting to increase tonight he could be in for a bit of a shock, hopefully the emergency services won't be required, but I wish him the best of luck.


As a side note, regardless of my personal opinion as to whether Mr Hill is a nutter or not, it might be a good time to look at the T&C's. Personal slander is not accepted on Shetlink and until such a time that Mr Hill is declared a nutter, it might be best to avoid that term (Unless Mr Hill declares himself a nutter in the meantime).

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