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Stuart Hill (Captain Calamity) Forvik


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So Jeemsie1989, what would be your ideal Shetland?, mine would be to park it on the coast of Norway because i admire there beliefs and ideals, but dats anither story.


Park Shetland here if du wants, bit fur da love o da Loard just laeve Forvik whaur it is. :wink:

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I have met Stuart Hill several times and have found him to be a very likeable and friendly person. The fact that he originates from another part of the UK shouldn't have any bearing upon his crusade relating to what he sees as emphasising the rights of other residents of Shetland. Would it all be seen differently, by those apparently mocking him, if he had been born in the islands?

He has lived in Shetland for over 6 years and is much a resident here as anyone else is, I'd say.


Matters not a jot to me whether he's from braintree or Bressay. nobody should have the right to put others lives at risk just to live out their own ego trip.


Mr Hill said last night he was embarrassed by what had happened, but was already in the process of trying to get back to his tiny island to salvage his submerged craft in a bid to continue with his campaign.


"I am thoroughly embarrassed. It is something I tried to avoid. I know that weather wise the island is not the best place for what I am doing, but that is the island I have got and that is the island I am using," he said.


Not much sign of apology or regret there is there? just seems to me like he is intent on carrying on with his mission and to hell with the consequences. Maybe a visit to Moushole or Longhope would focus his thoughts, but I'm not holding my breath.


He's not only an embarrasment to himself, he's an embarrasment to any cause he's linked with.

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