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I'm curious to understand the reasoning behind having the smaller islands empty of population, is it just on financial grounds ?


Eg. If they brought in more from tax and contributions to local industry, rather than a drain on resources, would thus a population on them be more welcomed ?

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A good situation for Shetland would be:


Papa Stour- empty

Out skerries- empty


I was always under the impression that the Out Skerries was one of the better examples of a self sustaining island, with impressive community projects and employment opportunities. Weren't they looking to put up some chalets and attract new workers to the island not so long ago?


Sorry for continuing to drag this already OT thread even more OT. Perhaps this topic could find some common ground here:


Depopulation of Fetlar

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It does and it doesn't. It depends how you measure the "success" of something and what your expectation of somethings success are. Skerries has had good and bad points (I personally feel the school is a sham.)



Anyhow, back on topic.... Sorry to the Mods! :oops:


When do you think Capt. Calamity will next make an attempt for Forvik?

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