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^ He very probably is right, up to a point at least. However, standing against that is "use and wint", in that we've "accepted" their jurisdiction for over 500 years "without resistance", which in its

I find it interesting that all the courts so far have not been prepared to "test" his assertion that Shetland is not part of the UK and therefore their courts do not have jurisdiction here.

His boat, and his 'erection,, were by all accounts located on land that belonged to someone else. Unless he had a signed and sealed agreement, which there's no word of, to have it there the owners are

To generate some revenue he could lease part of his country to Viking Energy to build a windfarm...... :shock:


Good luck to him for pursuing something he believes in, but I think the cheese has definitely fallen of his cracker.


I wonder if any cooncillors will be embarking on any fact-finding missions to this new realm?!

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^I'm liking the VE idea.



It still galls me slightly that even now he refers(in the guardian) to this new escapade as being 'a bit of fun' and recommends that all pensioners should do something like this,


And then i read in i'i shetland magazine that he regards it as a serious issue that everyone should take heed of. Muppet.

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Guest Anonymous

Stuart has possibly positioned himself in the ideal location to compete with Viking Energy.

The tide through the Sound of Papa could be an excellent opportunity to test tidal power.

All hail to Forvik Tidal Energy Ltd. :lol:


And, as for those who think he is a nutter.... He has all the qualifications needed to become a SIC councillor,, so what's the problem?

Leave the man alone. Unless he starts developing weapons of sheep destruction. :D

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I think the man deserves some respect, he believes in a cause, and not afraid of upsetting the establishment. If he's starting a gold backed currency, then I would open an account, Forvik business account and apply for Forvik citizenship :lol: probably more secure than the current state of UK banking.

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When did Shetland (or a part of Shetland) last have its own currency?

When Stuart mints his first coins we'll support him so we can get some mounted for posterity. If his scheme fails then they will have a novelty value in the future, if he does succeed in his aims (an independent Shetland) then wouldn't you want one of the first new coins to be produced in Shetland?

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Sadly, I suspect that the authorities are likely to ignore him and hope the whole issue fades away.


Unless the media makes a meal of it. The story has already broken on a few news websites, as a quick Google search will prove. However, I don't know what the press coverage has been like as an English newspaper is somewhat of a novelty to me these days.


This is the kind of story the public laps up, and if the media offers him too much publicity then the authorities may have to act.

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Yes, that's exactly what I wondered ^^ Who owns the island? Maybe he's bought it from someone, but I would suspect it's most likely the council's isn't it?


I believe the island of ''FORWICK'' was sold along with the croft and house of ''Robina's'' on Papa Stour a year or two back??

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The island of Papa Stour has an impressive stack off Housa Voe named the ''Maiden Stack'' - so called because a papastourian's daughter/maiden was put there to live to keep her from the clutches of a specific sailor. It's true!!! he biggit her a peerie hoose an everything!!! You can see it!

I vote to rename Forwick Holm - ''Nutter Holm'' - for similar, yet less theatrical reasons.


If Stuart's hoose will be biggit lik onee idder o his creations on papa stour or onee idder wye???............god help him...wan gale an he'll be bobbin aboot in papa soond afore he keens whar he's at. An as fur da so caad 'boat' he's biggit .........I keen my sell.........it will be somtheen o an object.....................sometimes Stuart my dear boy, chipboard and aald pallets joost canna mak everything you want!!!! :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

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Guest Anonymous

Who are you to say that nobody is interested in Stuarts cause Steno .

I am and I know of many others who would like to see Shetland gain some higher level of self rule over its land and sea territories.

An eccentric english man he may be , but he has more passion for these isles than most shelties it appears .

What ever faults he may have I see no harm in his ongoing adventures , and any publicity for the isles I am sure can only be positive for tourism etc.

As far as Shetland attracting eccentrics and nutters , I think it brightens things up a bit to have people like Stuart doing there thing , certainly rather have more people arriving here like him than other delinquents (homegrown & from overseas) who use there time commiting petty crimes and living of the welfare state

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His SOUL publication a few years back sold out did it not?


Surely evidence that more than a few folk up here take an interest in matters that have been conveniently forgotten about over the depths of time.


Who knows, we might end up like the aborigines and get squillions of pounds compensation from the UK for snatching our land!! :wink:

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Guest Anonymous

A personal opinion only, but:

Although I think Stuart is a tad on the eccentric side, I honestly believe that his heart is in the right place.

Droilker is right to say that Shetlanders appear to be lacking these days in passion for their homeland.

Throughout history Shetland has been influenced and changed by incomers. The Vikings being perhaps the best example, although the incomers from the oil boom maybe changed the isles more than the Vikings.

If it wasn't for incomers shaking Shetland up, every now and then, the place would be in a poor state.

Aaabody wid still be sittin atil auld teekit ruifed biggins, makin upö kishies, an winderin if it wis gaain ta be wadder fir da haaf da neest day.

Dir's dem dat wid tell wis dat soothmoothers irna guid fir da isle, bit Loard bliss dem fir steerin atil da pot o life noo an dan.


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