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Stuart Hill (Captain Calamity) Forvik


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After a lot of inofficial mails, questions, PMs etc. and a lot of discussion among the editorial staff of our websites we started the following question within the "quiz corner" of our forum today:


The OPERATIONS LIKELY TO DAMAGE THE FEATURES OF SPECIAL INTEREST for the PAPA STOUR SSSI, SHETLAND show 23 'types of operation', which are forbidden within PAPA STOUR SSSI, SHETLAND because they might be an extraordinary risk for the whole SSSI.


What are the 3 most important activities ignored by Captain Calamity, his Forvik Declaration of Direct Dependence and his subsequently following activities???


Good luck for your googling ... ;-)

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A similar situation to Stuart Hill (Forvik) occurred near where I live on the Shropshire/Wales border - close to Offa's Dyke.




John Pierce claimed that his land (and the surrounding area) was not included in the act which joined England and Wales in 1535. His theory was that because his land 'didn't exist', he wouldn't have to pay Council Tax etc. It didn't work however, when the case went to court he arrived dressed as a medieval knight - I'm sure that would have impressed Stuart Hill - perhaps he should dress as a ViKing warrior.

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From a recent Shetland News court report :

“The problem with the accused is that he is a particularly arrogant individual who seems to feel that he has the ability and the knowledge and the wherewithal to do whatever he wishes with his little boat, despite repeated warnings he has received from various people.â€

Could these exact words not also be applied to another intrepid boatsman?

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