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^ He very probably is right, up to a point at least. However, standing against that is "use and wint", in that we've "accepted" their jurisdiction for over 500 years "without resistance", which in its

I find it interesting that all the courts so far have not been prepared to "test" his assertion that Shetland is not part of the UK and therefore their courts do not have jurisdiction here.

His boat, and his 'erection,, were by all accounts located on land that belonged to someone else. Unless he had a signed and sealed agreement, which there's no word of, to have it there the owners are

Guest Anonymous
In dat case... DAlt0246 weel and persevere :D



Or... D weel and persevere


Na, yun didna' wirk. Nithin happened wi da Alt 0246 attempt...


Hit dus wirk, ir I widna be able ta spaek sae muckle sharn upö dis site.. :lol:


Forgot to mention that my instructions assumed the use of the number keys at the top of the keyboard. If you use the number keypad, the Number lock has to be on.

Somewhere on the web I found a list of codes for all the odd symbols etc.. Perhaps the mods can find it faster than I can find it again, if not I'll dig it out and post it as soon as I can.

Also, I think that you can find some of it on the "Shetland written and spoken form" user group. If you click on reply to any topic there, the edit functions at the top of the page show most nordic letters, and therefore you can see the code for them,,, I think :?



Da Auld Een

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he made it on to radio 4s News Quiz with Sandi Toksvig given him some stick about itI foud her comments so funny that I had to stop and make to the toilet for a P but I have downloaded the podcast




and select podcast and save as a mp3 file


I have to wonder why Shetland get more odd characters per head of population than any where else in the world maybe it is something in the water


But as it has been pointed out here by some he gets full marks for believes in a cause and as he is not hurting any one else as far as I can see I say good luck to him maybe Gordon Brown could pick up some thing from him when it comes to the EU

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Not really read all of any of the reports on-line, TV or papers etc, but I'm sure I reading something about claiming the sea rights in a 200mile radius. Shetland times being down I can't do a correct quote, but doesn't that include all of shetland's waters? Has Stuart declared himself king over all of Shetland. Thoughts spring to mind as to what aquaculture businesses and fishermen think of Stuart's claim, pretty sure the oil companies won't notice him.

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Guest Anonymous

What he actualy said was he declared control of his waters out to the median line (halfway) with countries across the water in 360 dgrs radius , where their is no other country that control will stretch out to 200 miles .

So that would mean a thin wedge is his in a roughly westerly direction ( oot da mooth o da sound ) and quite a tight area of seabed around his kingdom in all other directions, although if you follow this westerly growing segment as it expands it will come to be a considerable area of ground .

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Yes, that's exactly what I wondered ^^ Who owns the island? Maybe he's bought it from someone, but I would suspect it's most likely the council's isn't it?


He bought it from Mark King - he of Giant Rabbit fame. And Mark King bought it from the, ahem, "Reverend" Glover - he of dog-shooting, car-stoning and buckets-of-poo-over-the-head fame.


It all makes sense - he's just the latest in a line of Papa eccentrics.


Still, it'll make for a great squad next January.

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