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  • 2 weeks later...

Remember that he was imprisoned for not carrying out his community service and paying his fine, not for the original offence.


I don't see how he can possibly have any grounds to appeal, especially since he now seems to have sold all his principles down the river and agreed to carry out his punishment in a trade off deal with the courts for a reduced amount of community service.

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^ :lik:


A tad surprising right enough, we must assume he got nobbled in the jug somehow in the absence of a more plausible explanation. It won't surprise if somehow he portrays his climbdown as some sort of "victory", but they're getting less and less believable.


Somehow 12 calendar days inside equates to "24 days in jail - someone explain to me how that one works.... Which equates to "writing off" 43 hours of community service. Using the same "exchange rate" the 15 hours CC he was deemed to have left "due", would have been "written off" in under 5 calendar days. Seems extremely strange that having survived 12 calendar days in jail, he sold out his principles rather than handle 5 more. :ponders:


Whatever else, I am sooooo glad I didn't share a maths tutor with the Scottish Justiciary, the way we were taught maths was bad enough, their version is impossble. :?

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  • 3 years later...

^ I suspect the reason they haven't is very mundane and boring - its easier to ignore and railroad him, and he has no ace to play to force their hand in to a showdown.


It would make for a very interesting legal debate, from a historic POV if nothing else, *if* it was ever held, but Hill has no way of making that happen.


The man needs to give up gracefully and quit if he has nothing new to offer, as all he's doing is digging a hole that can only get deeper, not to mention heaping farce and comedy on one aspect of a whole bigger issue.

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