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Glasshouses at Tingwall

PJ of Hildisvik

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I think that would be an excellent idea being community owned and getting meat, veg, eggs etc there. There are plenty of Farm Shops that have lots of differents produce from around the commnunity down here and I don't see what the difference would be at hom.


Just need to have at legislation, if folk here can do community schemes I'm sure that we can. :D

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Hi There


I was expecting that something would come up about the greenhouses after councils suggestions on allotments.


Now to put some facts on the table :


1) Although originally planned, the greenhouses are NOT going to be shipped of south.


2) Unfortunately viability was one of the issues of continuing to grow tomatoes, cucumbers etc which led to the eventual sale of he greenhouse - It wasn't possible to make enough money selling to supermakets/shops.


3) The plans we had for the site have been shelved for the forseeable future due to personal circumstances. Namely this was a large furniture/floorcoverings/lighting showroom with cafe and storage area. For those who think this is daft, my stats says 65% of my business comes from the north and the west, I have a multi storey showroom without adequate access (including no lift) and to top it all off my rates bill in Lerwick is astronomical. As an alternative it was then thought that we could setup a eco-housing scheme.


4) I am awaiting on a local group who want to setup some form of horticulture in Fetlar to come back to me with confirmation of their interest in taking the greenhouse.


5) No one local apart from the Fetlar group have ever contacted me with any ideas for the greenhouse - and i'm a fairly approchable person really :)


The allotment idea is quite appealing and I'd be happy to look at discussing the greenhouses playing a part in this. ie possibility of leasing to a group/SIC. Maybe some of the people who are interested could contact me.



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Good to see a local businessman coming forward to discuss alternative possibilities. Having known Ghufar for a long time I can back him up that he is an approachable person.


Hopefully some of the people interested in this idea will now make the project achievable and come ahead rather than seeing the greenhouses decompose into the hillside.

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