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Brother's Keeper


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i think i have 2006 at home somewhere?


i actually have no idea where the program/data comes from, i just copied it from someone else a couple years back

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If you are looking for Shetland genealogy information for Brother's Keeper it is not officially avaialble for download. IT contains the details of many living individuals so for data protection reasons it cannot be made available.


Have you looked at http://bayanne.info/Shetland/ ? This has much the same information except that living individuals are not named. If you want to supplement the information with living individual's names you can access the dtatabase at the Shetland Family History premises at 6 Hillhead. They are open regularly, including some evenings.



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If you have Windows 7 Professional you can use Microsoft's Virtual PC




You should be able to use other software to create a virtual XP machine on Windows 7 but at the moment I can't offer any guidance on it as my Windows 7 box is only due for delivery later this week. I did create a virtual Windows 98 machine on a Linux box a while ago and it didin't seem to be too difficult.


Another alternative is to get your Brother's Keeper data converted to another genealgy program.

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