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Is This True

Guest perrie-lipper

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Guest perrie-lipper

Jeemsie was not feeling so good, bad stomach problems so thought he would have to take a trip to a Late Dr from Shetalnd north, to see if it could be fixed.


He arrived for his appointment and explained this to the Dr...

Well said the Dr, that sounds familiar, but the first thing to do is to go over what you would eat in a normal day and take it from there...(at this point a bit puzzled to what the problem could be)


Jeemsie replied- Well in the morning about 8ish me and da wife get up and have a cup of tea and a blacks biscuit.


Then at 9ish we have wir breakfast-this is usually a fried sausage, a bit of black pudding and an egg.


At 10 o'clock we have a cup of tea and a black’s biscuit


Then at dinner time we have what ever meat is going or mabey a bit oh fish we a grain oh tatties.


Then at 3 o'clock me and the wife have a cup of tea and a black's biscuit.


At tea time we will have what ever is left over from dinner time.


At 8 o' clock me and the wife will have a cup of tea and an oat cake.


Then at supper time me and the wife will have a bowl of porridge and win away tae da bed.


Dr- Yes I see Jeemsie, the thing is I have an answer to what your problem might be...there is nothing wrong with your stomach.


Its your ass hole, it's too small.

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