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Did anyone else see the firework display this morning just after 4am ? There seems to be no mention of it in the local news...


Has anyone know the reason for the display other than disturbing folks sleep and scaring pets ?! I thought there was was some regulations about when fireworks can be set off. :?

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It wasn't an organised display by the pyrotechnics crew.


The relevant regulations are at




Basically you're not allowed to set them off between 11pm and 7am unless it's a particular celebration defined in the regulations.


I love fireworks, but I would have been annoyed to be woken by them. My concern is that, as fireworks on sale become bigger and more powerful, that someone will become hurt setting them off. I never buy any for home!

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I noticed quite a big trolley-full of fireworks just outside of Chris Hodges' warehouse when I was there on Tuesday morning. I remember wondering whether he was going to be selling them as I thought you had to be licensed to do so. I also thought it odd to see fireworks at this time of the year; particularly as he won't be trading here then.

I forgot all about it until I read this thread.

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just to put the records straight the fireworks on a pallet outside hodges are all dummys,

i put them there as i work for hodgey still and they were in storage in 1 of his containers which are now being used for stock going to orkney they can be seen in the warehouse if any one wants to check them out.

also if there is one thing the staff will not do is sell live fireworks out of the set time by law as he has no licence to allow this

may be another shop has ?

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Are you sure it was fireworks that were being used? A few years back there was an emergency services exercise held in the south end, I think if I remember right it was in the back sand. Off and on all though that night there were what could have easily been mistaken for fireworks going off round the Ness, they weren't though, they were some sort of flares/distress rockets being set off by a few of the locals running round in a car. Word at the time was that the flares/rockets had allegedly come from the exercise, either they'd been overlooked in the clearing up afterwards and someone had found them, or someone going by had swiped them when no-one was looking. Both purely supposition of course, but having an emergency services exercise during the day, and folk messing round with flares during the same night does tend to lend folks to believe in cause and effect.


Point is, flares/distress rockets aren't all that difficult to get hold of, probably easier at this time of year than purpose made fireworks would be in Shetland anyway.

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