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Dumping of fish


Do you support the dumping of fish?  

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And, for the record, even a small investigation of the work done by the likes of the Marine Labs and industrial partnerships will reveal that actually quite a lot is being done to try to solve the problem. Politicians are trying, scientists are trying, fishermen are trying. It all takes time. I could explain more to you (Bubi) but the technical aspects of it are too complex to discuss here, unless you are au fait with fishing methodology. If you would genuinely like to know more PM me and i'll point you in the right direction.

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Bubi your taling crap you want to see the fish dumping its gone on for years i was at sea for 22 years and saw it first hand no fisherman wanted to dump fish but were forced too


I must have written very dull. I most certainly do not want to see ANY fish at all dumped.


My point was just that endless complaining and blaming someone else do not solve the problem - or any problem for that matter.


The quota system does not work. It is as simple as that. We need a better system of regulating the fishermen.


It is not even a question of WHETHER fishing needs to be regulated. Everybody acknowledge that they do. The problem is to find a BETTER way of regulating fisheries than the quota system.


Or am I quite off the road here?????

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Perhaps the ministers involved should go to sea for a week or two, get involved with the work and see what really goes on.


...but that would mean getting their hands dirty.


I think it is more straight forward. This is a matter for EU politicians and they only act if they think something is wrong. Now that video of Prolific made a media storm all over Europe and opened the general publics eyes for what is going on.


I am quite sure most with even the slightest connections to fishery will be familiar with the dumping.


I think nothing will be done unless there is a strong public opinion against the dumping of perfectly good fish.


It is the way democracy of today works, like it or not. I think it has nothing to do with "getting hands dirty". If you don't like the present situation, you should make sure your opinion is lobbied down in Brussels.

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So, what are YOUR suggested solutions Bubi?


I quite frankly admit that I do not have a clou of what to suggest. I've never realised that there IS a problem with discarded fish before I watched the Prolific.


I also acknowledge that any sustainable solution is not likely to be made tomorrow. The whole democratic process of getting knowledge of just how much is actually dumped will take months, best case. It is naive to expect an immideate ban on a dumping that has gone on for decades.


And hey, hey, I am not shooting at anybody here. Only looking for possible solutions. This is a debate and I expect to learn about this issue from those more knowing than me.

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Before I get scolded for talking constantly about fishing on the national election thread , I decided to find a thread to more appropriate . And I found the dumping of fish 7 pages back , sadly it appears people are more concerned about dogs and cats having a poo over the continued destruction of one of our primary industries - The fishing industry.

In this weeks fishing news paper Manakhem Ben-Yami :- http://www.worldfishing.net/features/ben-yami ,

who is a former fisherman and one of the worlds most experienced and respected fisheries experts made a devastating criticism of modern fisheries management .

The C.F.P and the corrupt Brussels management were singled out for particular criticism.


This is a crucial topic anybody wishing to be our next MP would need to put this in the top tier of " things to do"


And this is also damning of our liberal representatives as they have done nothing and proven themselves totally powerless.

To this day hardworking shetland fisherman are throwing prime fish over the side to avoid prosecution .

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^^ I completely agree. I think the importance of the fishing industry to Shetland seems to be overlooked sometimes nowadays.


Any politician who wants my vote should be outlining what their plans are to help prevent the complete destruction of Shetland/Scotlands fishing fleet by the EUs misguided policies.

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as far as i can mind the lairds boy made a half hearted attempt at lookin interested in condemning the fleet reduction once , but that got him noticed n promoted oot the way , its da deals cut behind closed doors thats at the bottom o it , perhaps deals cut on the quiet right back at the start o the eu , they wont rest til they've taken n taken like so many others

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I think the main reason fish is being dumped is due to quotas limiting fisherman to how much they can land. For example if a fisherman is 1 ton away from his quota and he gets a 2 ton haul then 1 ton has to go back, and if not the legal consequences are pretty severe. As the law stands at the moment, the fisherman has little choice but to do so. Also due to days allowed at sea being reduced, if the fisherman has consistently poor quality catches that fetch poor prices then how can he afford to pay his costs let alone go home with money for himself. The government needs to do something without pressure from the EU. Whilst stocks need to be preserved, so does the Scottish fishing fleet which already is a fraction of what it used to be. However, I have very little sympathy for the pelagic fleet who to me seem greedy and inconsiderate. Its the smaller boats such as the white fish fleet that needs to be helped out. It'll be interesting to see this program on tv 'Hughs fish fight', hopefully it can make people see sense. A lot of people seem to say 'stop fishing now' or words to that effect but cant see the consequences of that. Save the Scottish fishing fleet.

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